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Marketing is the fuel for your company’s success and because of this, you need to hire a professional marketer to lead your marketing efforts. At Dogwood we do the research for you, are on top of social media opportunities and trends, and have the know-how to network effectively for increased exposure. These characteristics will put your business in the best position for growth and a positive public image!

A Professional Marketer will Conduct Research

You need to be completely aware of the data within your field — not just the obvious stuff, but the reasons behind each statistic, predictions for future trends, and strategies available to get ahead of the game. Our professional marketers at Dogwood are able to research these concepts thoroughly. Not only can they identify the most relevant, important information for your needs, but they also analyze, summarize, and react to that information as needed. They are your eyes and ears for what your consumers expect from your business/organization and offer reliable advice as to how to connect those expectations with your cause, most plausibly.

A Professional Marketer will Stay on Top of Social Media

Making social media sites work for you requires a lot of consistent work. Recognizing trends and successful strategies that other people are using necessitates a constant “thumb on the pulse” of social movements. This is like juggling a number of complex entities. Each platform tends to draw the attention of varying audiences made up of varying demographics, and each platform utilizes different means of messaging to hold that user’s attention. Messaging should tailor to those audiences effectively and should be produced efficiently. Our staff is trained to anticipate social media developments and to know what kind of content should be used within each one.

A Professional Marketer will Take Advantage of Networking

Finally, the connections you make with other organizations (both local and abroad) are an important part of expanding your brand recognition. Our people are professional communicators. They promote your business to everyone and any individual or organization they come in contact with. You want these interactions that bear your company name to come across well! Utilize those communication skills that our team offers and feel confident that your vision is being portrayed at its best. Our staff is also aware of the kind of opportunities that will grow your network (and consequently your resources to people, places, and things you may want to use).

Use the best of the best in marketing to get your company where it needs to be through productive research, effective social media, and beneficial networking. This will help it  to progress and grow. 

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About Dogwood Media Solutions:

At Dogwood Media Solutions, we are a bunch of creative minds creating our dreams! Since inception, a few core principles have guided our journey:

  • Be nice.
  • Stay accountable.
  • Amaze clients.
  • Get creative.
  • Embrace technology.
  • Have fun along the way.

Dogwood was established officially in January 2019, but its roots run deeper with the two companies that were merged to form it. Harris Media Solutions, owned by partner Brian Harris was formed in 2010. Dogwood Designs, owned by partner Thomas Jones was formed in 2016.

Currently Dogwood employees 13 people based out of our downtown Montgomery offices serving clients all over the United States. Some of our chief clients are focused in the non-profit industry, medical, state government, and real estate. We consider ourselves to be your outsourced marketing solution. Able to meet all of your marketing needs for any industry that your company may be in. We stand ready to help!

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