With the New Year upon us, and new resolutions being made, now is the time to jumpstart your marketing plan for your business. 

Evaluate Your 2021 Marketing

You’ve probably heard the old saying, that history repeats itself. That’s because any time we are not willing to make changes based on our past mistakes or efforts, we will simply keep doing what we’ve always done. Any good planning starts with evaluating how things have been going and making decisions based on that. 

So, before you begin to jumpstart your marketing plans, set aside some time just to review all of your marketing efforts from 2021. Ask yourself what worked and what didn’t, what things you need to start moving toward or moving away from. All of this information allows you to make better changes as you branch out and grow.

Make a Plan 

Now for the fun part! With all of the knowledge gained from a 2021 year-end review, you can start making a plan with goals. This will build the foundational framework for your 2022 strategies. Deciding on your goals will also give you direction and focus for how your product or service will succeed in the market. As you do this you will be able to narrow down what specific platforms you need to be on, and what you need to promote. 

Planning ensures the messages to your audience all remain cohesive too, making it easier for you to brand properly and not have to post last minute or inconsistently. Just like you would make a plan before running a marathon, or make a plan before leaving for a big trip, make a plan for your 2022 digital marketing efforts to succeed in your business! 


Once you have some of your goals in mind, it’s time to prioritize what comes first. Based on the data from the previous year, about ROI and different social media metrics to help you determine what projects to pursue over others and start there. You want to base these off of data as much as possible. Consider rating your projects based on different factors: projected hours, expected effect on business, target audience, etc., and then use those values to come up with a priority list.  

Not only does prioritizing projects use your money in the best way, but if you are anything like me, it will help you stay focused on getting the most important projects done first without wasting time.

Budget Accordingly 

While budgeting can be a headache, if you plan and prioritize accordingly, creating a budget will be a breeze. Start with solidifying your total budget so you know what you’re working with. It’s often recommended that companies set aside 7-10% of their overall budget to put toward marketing efforts. The good news with digital marketing is that 7-10% can go a long way! Check our blog on Why Digital Marketing to learn why marketing digitally is the best investment of your money. 

Another good rule of thumb to base your budget on is the 70-20-10 rule. This says to put 70% of that marketing budget to the “now,” 20% to the “next,” and 10% on the “new.” The “now” being what strategies you know work for your business, “next” being things that are on the horizon for your business, and “new,” being things that are brand new or experimental strategies. 

Hit the Ground Running 

With all of these in place, it’s time for you to get started! By following these 5 steps, you are laying the foundation for a solid 2022 digital marketing plan. As always, be willing to pivot when needed and flexible as things change. If 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it is that things can change overnight. But with these in place you can be confident stepping into the new year with a successful plan! If you need help jumpstarting your efforts, don’t hesitate to give the team at Dogwood a call!

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