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Our 1st anniversary is in January of 2020 so this month we hosted our very first Dogwood Christmas party. There was food (of course), a game of Dirty Santa with lots of laughs, salt dough ornament painting, and a gingerbread house decorating competition. It was during the course of this competition that I noticed some “sweet” insights within our teams that displayed our strengths in digital marketing. I hope you enjoy “A Tale of Two Gingerbread Houses” and maybe learn a thing or two. 

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We divided up into teams which just so happened to be “men vs women” but also happened to fall into our marketing “departments.” There is some overlap in job titles but for the most part, the men who are primarily our website builders and technical geniuses were competing against our women who handle social media marketing and communications. I loved how the dynamics played out…

tall gingerbread houseI present to you “Dogwood Towers” courtesy of our men. Remember these are the builders in our business. I loved the attention to detail, the balance and the strong lines. Form and function were also strengths of this design. They even incorporated a light function on the top. I know, I know…it’s a gingerbread house for goodness sakes! Stay with me. These guys apply the same attention to the sites we design. They design strength with balance, ensure function and battle through technical details that are requested to give that extra “wow” to our designs.


tiny gingerbread houseThe ladies created “The GingerDead House” as a play off the popular series “Fixer Upper.” One side presents a broken down home complete with a failing roof and dirt yard. The other side shows a new paint job and roof, with impressive curb appeal. It was presented complete with a storyline that would make Chip Gaines proud. “We present to you the GingerDEAD House. Purchase price of $15,000.00 with a renovation budget totaling $1.2 Billion. The happy couple is able to afford this because she has an avid pencil-sharpening business from home and he tunes kazoos part-time. Check out how this GingerDEAD house turned into the GingerBEST house!”  It was as fun to make as it was to present. In the same manner, our social media and communications department take your story and bring it to life. We share the information you need your viewers to know, but in a manner your readers can connect to and you are proud of.

“A tale of two gingerbread houses” is really just the story of a digital marketing agency in real life. I know this may be a stretch to make these connections but as someone who is still learning the “Dogwood ways” and everything I can about the digital marketing world, it stuck out to me. Whether it is a gingerbread house, an amazing new website, a social media or email campaign, everything we do is done with HEART by Dogwood. 

While we aren’t going into the gingerbread house making business, we do stand ready to help with all your marketing needs! Give us a call or shoot us an email to get the conversation started for how we can help you!

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