10 Tips for Keyword Research and Your SEO Strategy


Keyword research is the first step in creating content that your audience is searching for. Keywords are the words that your audience uses when searching for you online. How do you know which words to focus on? Crawling, indexing and ranking are the ways search engines rank your website in search results. To have an […]

Website Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking Explained

Crawling, Indexing

How do websites decide which sites to show in search results? Crawling, indexing and ranking are the steps that dictate where your page shows up organically in search results. To the average business owner, these terms can feel like a foreign language. Let me define them in layman’s terms and explain how they affect your […]

Writing a Press Release

Press Release

Writing a press release is very different from website content or blog writing. Press releases must be crafted in a very specific way.  Why Write a Press Release? News sites are always looking for credible information to share so why not help them out by sending them a press release? Businesses write press releases anytime […]

10 “Must-Haves” for a Great Website


A great website is a combination of art, design, and technology. Many sites excel at one or two of these aspects and do their best at the other. So what are the essentials when it comes to a great site? We put together a list of 10 “Must Haves” for a great website that we […]

Completely Automating Your Social Inbox

automating your social inbox

As a business owner there are a lot of things you are juggling at one time- replying to messages on social media is on that list. Let’s discuss ways of automating your social inbox to save you time, stay in touch with your audience, and maintain your sanity.  What do you mean by “Automating Your […]

Blog Writing with SEO

Blog Writing with SEO

Writing a great blog for your website is a huge asset in digital marketing. Creating that blog with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind is even better! Today we will explore the basics of blog writing with SEO. Don’t get overwhelmed! With a few simple tips, you will find it is easier than you think! […]

Email Marketing and a Buyer’s Journey

Woman checking her email

Email marketing can be frustrating but understanding a buyer’s journey can be very helpful in creating content and also targeting the best recipients. Read on as we explain email marketing and a buyer’s journey and how it can bring your digital marketing to the next level.  What Do You Mean By “A Buyer’s Journey?” A […]

Making the Most of Your User-Generated Content


Just this week I was strolling social media and I saw a perfect example of user-generated content. A friend shared a video of a mom raving about her new vacuum cleaner. Her new household vacuum cleaner was in fact a Rigid Shop Vac! These are normally for industrial use but she went on and on […]

Why a Facebook Pixel is Essential for Your Site


Have you ever heard of a Facebook pixel? This past weekend I experienced one in action. I visited a website looking for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding. I added one to my cart but did not complete the sale. Later that night when I browsed Facebook, an ad for the very website […]

Incorporating Retail Sales into Your Website


Since the pandemic began and stay at home orders were issued, so many small businesses have been struggling. Online shopping has skyrocketed understandably. If you are not already selling products or services online, incorporating retail sales into your website is not as difficult as you think and may be the key to small business survival […]