Why Is My Social Media Engagement Declining?


“Why is my social media engagement declining?” We have all been there. You work so hard to create quality content that engages your audience, but when crunching the numbers you see that your engagement has declined. The only way to remedy the effect is to understand the cause. Let’s explore some causes of why social […]

Web Accessibility Through Dogwood


Today’s world is slowly but surely becoming more in tune with the needs of those with disabilities. Web design is no different. As a business owner, you want your store or workplace to be easily visited by people with physical or mental disabilities. Your website should be no different.  We can help! Introducing Dogwood’s fully […]

Blending the Creative and Technical Elements In Marketing

Blending the Creative and Technical Elements In Marketing 1

In a recent article from Google Think With Us, we were challenged on how it is to be creative in your video ads and balancing that with strategy. It made me think of the delicate marriage of the creative and technical elements in digital marketing in general. While both can be successful alone, a good […]

Understanding Social Media Metric Terms


It is hard enough running your own business but throw social media marketing lingo on top of it and you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed! Since social media marketing is an area of expertise here at Dogwood, we thought it might help if we defined some of the metric terms used when looking at […]

Why A Google My Business Profile is Crucial


If you are in business and want to attract customers, you need to have an accurate Google My Business Profile. You may not be too familiar with this platform but it is power-packed with information that your customers are looking for! Read on to know why this is crucial for your business and how to […]

Professional Videography: What’s it all about?


Professional videography and video production technology have improved tremendously in the last few years. Digital SLR cameras, Mirrorless cameras, iPhone videography, iMovie, and even Youtube Studio allow amateurs to create high-quality videos. But what all goes into professional video production on a commercial level? Nick Wells is our staff videographer and he does a phenomenal […]

Reasons Your Business Should Have a Blog


We know as a business owner you have a lot on your plate but in the digital marketing world, a blog can have a huge impact on your sales. Don’t dismiss the thought yet as we share 4 reasons your business should have a blog on your website. A Blog Positions You as the Expert […]

Branding: It’s More Than Your Logo

business meeting discussing branding of a business

Branding: it’s more than your logo. It is your image and the story your business tells.  When I first created my Instagram account years ago Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper were growing in popularity. I followed an Instagram account that I thought was an official page for them. For several weeks this account […]

Staff Update – Beth Gillem

Beth Gillem standing in downtown Montgomery

In this staff update, we have some changes that we want to make all of our clients aware of. They’re good changes – though changes nonetheless. We are excited to announce that Beth Gillem who has previously served as a Digital Media Specialist has accepted a new role with us. Her new position is as […]

15 Ideas for Social Media Content

woman thinking of social media content in front of a laptop

With so many people at home and with time to spare, we are all spending more time on social media than before. In fact social media use is up at least 20% since the Covid-19 lockdown. Many business owners are struggling to find content to share. We want to help!    Listed below are 15 […]