8 Tips for Writing a Case Study

a young woman sits at her computer writing a case study

Have you considered adding case studies to your marketing strategy? Case studies are a powerful marketing tool. In this blog post, we are sharing 8 tips for writing a case study to help you get the most impact from your work.  81% of customers conduct online research before making a purchase. This includes reviews, price […]

Why Case Studies are a Powerful Marketing Tool


As a business owner, you know your product or service better than anyone. You have many success stories (hopefully!) but don’t know the best way to share them with your audience. In today’s blog, we are diving into why case studies are a powerful marketing tool that you should add to your digital marketing.  What […]

Generational Marketing for Nonprofits

volunteers serving together at a nonprofit

Do you run marketing for a non-profit? In the last of this 5 part series on marketing to the different generations, we are diving into generational marketing for nonprofits. We will look at which generations are giving and how to best reach them.  If you want a refresher on the dynamics of each generation, read […]

Generational Marketing for Businesses

employess working in a coffee shop as they plan generational marketing for businesses

In the fourth part of this series on generational marketing, we are focusing on the best practices for generational marketing for businesses. We will discuss choosing your target generation and best practices for reaching that generation.  For a refresher, you may want to visit our first post Generational Marketing Dynamics for more details on each […]

Generational Marketing for Faith-Based Organizations

a family of different generations grouped together learning marketing for faith-based organizations

In my first blog on generational marketing dynamics, I mentioned that I attended a faith-based conference which is what inspired this entire series. At the conference, there was a lot of discussion about how churches and faith-based organizations can reach the generations. Here are a few tips that I took away for generational marketing for […]

Digital Marketing to the Generations

generations marketing

In the first part of this five-part series, I covered the characteristics of the different generations. In today’s post, let’s discuss digital marketing to the generations and best practices.  First, you must consider “Who is my target generation?” much like you ask yourself “Who is my target audience?” Many will find that their target generation […]

Generational Marketing Dynamics

generational marketing dynamics

I recently attended the ETCH conference sponsored by LifeWay in Nashville, TN. It was a family ministry conference for ministers and church leaders. I learned a lot about the best ways of communicating with different generations. These generational marketing dynamics can be applied not just in ministry, but in nonprofits and businesses as well. As […]

5 Digital Marketing Assumptions vs Reality

digital marketing manager

In my 3rd  year of working at Dogwood, I have learned so much about digital marketing. Some of what I’ve learned is what I expected but a lot is not! I believe many business owners may have made digital marketing assumptions like me. Let’s dive into 5 digital marketing assumptions and what the reality is!  […]

Dogwood’s Guide to SEO

seo blog

Search engine optimization is the long game strategy for increasing your website’s search rankings organically. We love doing SEO work for our clients and wanted to share some of our wisdom with Dogwood’s Guide to SEO! This post will dive into the following: Crawl Accessibility The Importance of Compelling Content Keyword Optimization Creating a Great […]

Alt Text: What Is It and Why Should I Use It?

Example of alt text being filled in

Alt text (also called alternative text) is the written description of an image on a website. It is not a caption but is embedded in the HTML code of your site. What is alt text and why is it important that I use it? Let me explain.  What Exactly is Alt Text? Whenever you add […]