50 Easter Slogans for Churches

Easter Cross with flowers

We know your calling is ministering and not marketing…and the planning that goes into special holiday celebrations at church can be overwhelming. Easter Sunday (April 12) celebrates the hallmark of the Christian faith (Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection) and both member and guest attendance spike  (also Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve, and a special recognition service) churches […]

And Then Some…3 Words that Can Change Your Life

thank you note that inspired the and then some blog

My family is preparing for a big move. Recently while packing up and preparing to showcase our home, I was reminded of three little words I was taught as a young child that have changed everything for me. The words “and then some…” Let me explain.   We ordered some bulk plastic cutlery from Amazon, […]

Dogwood’s Social Media Strategy Conference

Dogwood's Social Media Strategy Conference 1

Recently we hosted a social media strategy conference for one of our long time clients, The Alabama Baptist Newspaper, in our office. We were excited to have them here to give us honest feedback as our plan is to make this the first of many.    Whether you are a current client, potential client, or […]

More Tips and Tricks for iPhone Photography

taking a picture with iPhone

The amazing iPhone camera…we keep unlocking your secrets. We have shared previously on  iPhone photography using portrait mode outdoors and using your iPhone for product photography. Today we are sharing some more tips and tricks for iPhone photography and some tips that apply to photography in general. Read on to learn how to harness the […]

A Tale of Two Gingerbread Houses (The dynamics of digital marketing)

people around dinner table - Dogwood crew

Our 1st anniversary is in January of 2020 so this month we hosted our very first Dogwood Christmas party. There was food (of course), a game of Dirty Santa with lots of laughs, salt dough ornament painting, and a gingerbread house decorating competition. It was during the course of this competition that I noticed some […]

Product Photography using your iPhone

woman taking photo of scarf

In digital marketing, visuals are essential. Photographs, videos, and animations all grab attention and impact consumer’s purchasing decisions. Since we are all so visually driven, it makes sense to be able to take quality photographs of the products we sell or things that illustrate our mission. With that in mind, I am sharing today about […]

Google Ads: No they are not those “Pop-Ups”

Google Ads: No they are not those “Pop-Ups” 2

I will admit when I first heard talk here at Dogwood about “google ads” I kind of cringed. I imagined those awful pop-ups that interrupt you when reading a website. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to pay for those things and why we would promote them. Well, I was right and I was […]

“We’re Thankful for…” Signs

"We're Grateful For..." sign

As November begins and Thanksgiving approaches, the crew at Dogwood takes to heart that “Giving thanks is profoundly life-giving.” In this spirit, we would like to offer you a new way to express your gratitude this season. We hope that you will choose to place a “We’re Thankful for…” sign in your yard and connect […]

The “Why” Behind Closed Captioning your Video Content

phone showing closed captions

Brian recently shared how to add closed captioning to the video content you share. As someone who has dealt with hearing loss in some form or fashion my entire life, I want to share the “why” behind closed captioning your video content today. Captioning your content may be the missing step in your marketing you […]

Headshots and Portraits using iPhone Portrait Mode

woman holding phone to take a photo

As a former wedding and portrait photographer of 10+ years, I know the quality and professionalism that hiring a photographer can bring to your business. Sometimes though, time and/or budget may not allow that. Today, we are sharing with you tips on taking beautiful headshots and portraits using the iPhone portrait mode. There are three […]