Just Fine Isn’t Good Enough

food warmed in microwave to a just fine temperature

Around our office, when it’s time for a lunch gathering, we are looking to hear the words “fine”. We have a couple of picky eaters – not naming names, so generally, if you can get a group of 7 people to say fine, it’s a win.  Recently I was warming up some leftovers in the […]

Dogwood Welcomes Nick Wells to the Team!

Nick Wells

We are excited to introduce our newest employee, Nick Wells! As we at Dogwood continue to grow, our work related to building websites has increased. Thomas and I began to review 2019 and make plans for 2020 which included creating a profile for a new hire in the first quarter of 2020. We knew that […]

A Big Change for Dogwood

A Big Change for Dogwood 1

Who knew constant change would be our theme for 2019? When Thomas and I started meeting together about merging our two businesses in late 2018 we looked at multiple options for where to begin for office space. When we found out about the little office above Pike Road Family Eyecare coming available, it was an […]

Why Your Site Host Matters

why your host matters

Who you choose to host your site really does matter, and I’m going to explain why in today’s blog post. First off…and I admit it, I’m an unabashed fanboy of WP Engine. At the time of this writing, Dogwood has more than 100 sites hosted by them. Their support for our sites is incomparable to anything […]

Search Engine Marketing – Steps to Success

Search Searching Online Network Website Concept

Search engine marketing (SEM) goes hand in hand with search engine optimization (SEO) and in today’s post. I’d like to share more details about it. Beth did a great job explaining SEO in a previous post and I’ll try my best to explain SEM in a similar manner, but probably not as well! While SEO […]

Dogwood Gear Now Available

Dogwood Gear Blog Post Image

One of the questions we get asked all the time is “When am I going to get some Dogwood Gear?” Well, that answer is now. Introducing our new Dogwood Gear shop at DogwoodMediaSolutions.com/shop. What’s In The Shop? Right now as of this moment, and always subject to change, there are three designs and two items […]

Reply All: The Scourge of Email

man in disbelief of reply all being hit

Forgive my tongue in cheek rant today but we’ve got to address this first-world problem that steals so much time from our lives – the reply all. Imagine, someone sends out a building-wide email about company news or even something personal. It was easier to tell everyone at the same time about the news. It’s […]

Captions Don’t Have to be Hard

youtube video with captions

I’ll admit that at one time I didn’t understand the importance of captions being added to videos. I saw it as hard and cumbersome. Then a few years back, I was privileged to sit in a meeting with Steve Dye. Steve is a champion and catalyst for reaching deaf people with the good news of Jesus […]

G-Suite for Non-Profits

G-Suite for Non-Profits 3

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to help several organizations move their email services to G-suite versus self-hosting their email. Previously, G-Suite was known as Google Apps. The suite of products you receive includes Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, 30GB of space for drive and email documents along with 24/7 support, equal to that of […]

The Battle for Top of Page

Top of Page

We love being able to help clients move their sites up in Google search using organic methods with search engine optimization and through purchasing Google ads to reach the top of page. Together along with a great social media campaign, you can see some great results – all of which we’d love to help with. […]