What Jesse Jones Does


Someone asked me the other day – “So what does Jesse Jones do for Dogwood?”. It was a great question and one I realized we never mentioned when he was hired.  To explain what he does, I feel like I should take one step back and tell you why we created his position.  It all […]

Live Streaming on a $1000 budget

a camera live streaming with a blurred man in the background

Recently, a friend serving at a small church here in Alabama approached me about helping them with live streaming their services. Of course, my first question was, “what’s your budget?” Their budget was like that of most typical church’s – small. $1,000 to be exact. They also wanted something that was super-volunteer friendly and easy […]

The Power of Good Facebook Ads

The Power of Good Facebook Ads 1

Advertising on Facebook isn’t just limited to boosting your most recent post. Facebook ads system can deliver your message in multiple ways across their platforms and others. Considering Facebook is currently the third most popular site to visit (only beaten by Google and YouTube), you’ll want to take advantage of these tips I’m sharing with […]

7 Tips for Video Conferencing Like a Pro

video conferencing on a laptop

We’ve all been forced to learn how to video conference over the past month. My hope is that these 7 tips will help you look your best on camera and give you the professional look you are looking for. If you are using your phone – shoot it wide/horizontal, not long. People will be watching […]

Ham Sandwiches & Quarantines

ham sandwiches cut in half

Recently I posted on my personal Facebook page a no-frill announcement:   I wasn’t expecting any reactions and I definitely wasn’t expecting 23 comments about the best way to make ham sandwiches. There’s a lot of opinions on this apparently. Maybe during this quarantine time, it’s inspired some more deep thought on the subject… Look […]

5 Ways to Put Your Paycheck Protection Program Dollars to Work Immediately

Paycheck Protection Program - Computer and Phone - Services

With the new Paycheck Protection Program, businesses across the country are receiving a little boost to make it through the unique time we are all facing. Like other small businesses, Dogwood has applied for the program and look forward to being able to have a little more assurance to pass on to our staff during […]

Goodbye Flash

woman sitting in front of a laptop worried because the website no longer runs Flash.

Back in 2017 Adobe announced its plans to stop supporting Flash at the end of 2020. Fast forward, it’s now 2020 and what does this mean?   If your site is still using flash at this point, it’s time to hit the emergency button. Right now any time someone visits your site they are already […]

3 Life-Changing Email Marketing Tips

a woman working on a laptop with envelope graphics above her head showing email marketing tips

I was recently asked by a restaurant owner for some tips on helping her tune-up her email marketing. After writing these email marketing tips I realized they could just as easily help a restaurant as they could most any other businesses. MailChimp is our go-to email marketing platform that we are an agency partner with. I’ve […]

Live Streaming During COVID-19 Pandemic

live streaming event

Churches have been live streaming their services for years, but due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the CDC recommendations of meetings of no more than 50 people, many more will be joining the ranks. With that in mind here are some tips to get you started. Your Platform Your church may already be on Facebook […]

Live Streaming, Online Giving and the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is the top news story of the day as I write this. Over the past few days, we’ve worked with several of our clients on developing resources to assist their audiences to get and hear accurate information. Two of our clients have major events in the next 30 days too where they are […]