Analytics and SEO: Something to Look Out For


Recently while meeting with a potential client, we were reviewing their current analytics and SEO. They contract already with another local company known for its ability to deliver great search engine optimization results (SEO). As we reviewed their analytics, we became very concerned that when they began working with this company, their page views nearly […]

List Of ALL Countries in the World

All the Countries

Recently we ran into an issue with Google Ads where despite only targeting our ads to those in North America, people in other countries were seeing the ad. My first thought was to block the countries that were viewing the ads. Google generates a nice list and it took a few minutes to exclude them. […]

Why Hire a Social Media Agency?

social media puzzle

Social media can be like a puzzle. Some people will spend their day trying to figure it out, do their best, and then walk away sometimes having never figured it out. Some look at it and don’t even try. Some seek help from those that work on this ever-changing puzzle each day. If you’re struggling […]

Branding Dogwood and New Digs

new branding on walls at Dogwood

Recently, due to our growth, we moved to a new office space which gave us an opportunity to showcase our branding even more. I’ll explain more. New Digs When Harris Media Solutions and Dogwood Designs merged on January 1 to form Dogwood Media Solutions there were two employees. We rented a 260 square foot office […]

Mason Guttensohn – Designer

Mason Guttensohn - Designer 5

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our full-time team – Mason Guttensohn as of July 1, 2019. He’ll be joining as a designer after recently graduating from Troy University this past December with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Bringing an intern in this past Summer opened our eyes to the amount […]

Site Speed Improvements site speed

Recently Logan Cantrell who blogs at came to us with two issues – her site speed was slow and her theme was broken. Theme: We’re actually big fans of the Genesis theme she was using. We quickly determined that the parent theme had not been updated before the most recent WordPress version came out. […]

Lauren House – Social Media Manager

Lauren House - Social Media Manager 7

We are excited to have Lauren House joining our staff as of April 22nd, 2019 as social media manager. Lauren has worked with one of our clients for the past year and a half. She focused on social media and event management. We’ve watched her take the reins of their social media and do a […]

White Label Services from Dogwood

white label your logo here

Did you know we provide a white label service from Dogwood? A white label service is a service by one company that another company rebrands as if they had made it. We are a digital marketing agency. Our focus is on building quality websites and guiding clients through a plethora of digital marketing tools. Some […]

Matt Wheeler – Our Newest Employee

Matt Wheeler

As of Monday, March 18th, 2019, Dogwood Media Solutions will have employee #1 report to work – Matt Wheeler. Back in September of 2018, Thomas and I began talking about what this company could be. We knew we wanted to surround ourselves with people we can trust. Matt Wheeler is someone that we both have […]

Baptist Media Specialists Meeting


Recently, the Baptist Media Specialists group invited Thomas and me to attend and participate in their annual meeting in Prattville, Alabama. The group was originally formed many years ago with more of a focus on videography. As times have changed, the group has evolved and grown to include those focused on web and social media […]