Building Your Audience

Last week we talked about figuring out how often to post and how to schedule it out. This week is our final blog post in this series and we’re going to discuss how to build your audience. Earlier we talked about determining who your audience is. Now that you know who you’re trying to target you have to build your audience.

Just because you know the demographics of people you’re trying to reach doesn’t mean that those people are automatically watching and seeing your content. You have to build that community. There are several ways to do this. Some take longer than others but no matter what it will take time and persistence.

Start With Who You Know

When building your audience, start with people you know. Invite people that you know who want to support you to like your profiles. You can invite those who would benefit or are already benefiting from your business or brand as well. Then encourage those people to share your posts. Chances are, those people know other people who would enjoy your product. Over time, people will begin to organically find your brand and follow you.

If this process seems too slow to you then you can always put some money behind it. When I say that I mean you can create “ads” out of your posts. This is something that you can do on Facebook and then direct people to your other accounts if you want.

Facebook Ads

There are several ways to use ads on Facebook. You can create ads that will promote your page. You do this by going to the ad center and follow the steps in their ad builder. It will guide you. You can also create ads out of posts and events that you have. Facebook calls this “boosting” your post or event. You can do this in the ad center or by clicking “boost post” on the post or event you want to boost.

Facebook also gives you the option to narrow down the people you want them to show your ad to. You want an audience that is specific to your business and that will use your money wisely. Showing the entire state of Alabama your product is likely not a wise investment and you will go through your money much quicker. You can show ads to certain age groups, locations, or even to people who are similar to your current audience.

Like Farming

When you boost a post or create an ad, you should always go back and invite anyone who liked it to follow your page! This is a great way to build up your audience quickly. We call this Like Farming and it is a great way to build your audience quickly. The obvious con is that this method costs money, but if you place ads wisely it could be greatly beneficial. Weigh the pros and cons!  

Social Media can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not really sure where to start, but if you follow these simple steps, I promise you can do it and make progress. You’ll be amazed in 6 months to a year how much your online presence has grown!

As always, if you’d like to have a team of professionals to partner with you or manage your social media altogether, contact us at Dogwood. We’d be happy to help!  


What I Learned Interning at Dogwood

This summer I had the opportunity of interning at Dogwood Media Solutions. Going into the summer, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. But even in the short time I’ve been here, I learned a lot.

I am an English Major at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. While I have experience writing, I had no prior experience in this field with the exception of one Intro to Graphic Design
I understood when I accepted this position that a large part of what I’d be doing was tedious tasks that just had to get done. I got really good at copy and pasting information from old websites to the newly designed one. However, while accomplishing these tasks I had the opportunity to learn the basics of programs like WordPress. I am now able to create basic web pages and do basic design work.
On top of the skills I learned, I also learned what it’s like to work for a small company. While there are only 6 of us in the office, it did provide an opportunity for me to see what this kind of job would be like and to get better at working alongside and for others. I’m not sure if my future job will look anything like this, but this was a great building block.
My internship has taught me a lot of information that will be beneficial in my career field and make me more valuable to future employers and I’m excited to keep learning. This summer is not the end of my career in the media and marketing world. I’m planning to take a professional writing class in the fall that is specifically about designing documents for digital media. I believe that this summer has prepared me for this class and for other opportunities in the future.
Prior to the summer, I was dreading my Professional Document Design class. Through my internship, I’ve gained more confidence in my abilities. I am certain that I am capable of handling this class and more.
I’m excited to see where my education and experience leads me. I’m thankful to Dogwood for giving me this opportunity and taking the time to teach me so much this summer.