5 Reasons You Should Use Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We believe at Dogwood that not only is digital marketing generally more affordable, but it is the most effective way to reach your audience. When you consider the benefits, digital marketing is one of the most crucial steps your business can take in expanding your audience and brand awareness. With that in mind, we condensed […]

Life of Dogwood


There are many things people notice when they first step foot into our office at Dogwood whether it be the many large computer screens, the aesthetic brick wall, or basket of snacks (let’s be honest that’s what I first noticed). In reality, the life of Dogwood is probably different than many other offices and many […]

Why Digital Marketing?

digital marketing

It’s happened to all of us. We see an advertisement or post for a product on our phone as we scroll through social media and without realizing it find ourselves thinking about it later on. Slowly but surely we are all influenced by the media we are exposed to and we make decisions based on […]

All You Need to Know About Parler


Recent debates about freedom of speech and censorship among social media platforms have people considering using new platforms. After Twitter began adding frequent fact check labels to tweets from politicians and officials like Donald Trump, individuals have been begging the question, how much freedom of speech do we really have? Within the last week especially, […]