The Rise of Video Content

a videographer editing his video content with multiple screens in front of him

Have you noticed the ever-growing amount of video content that you see online? Once upon a time, video was primarily relegated to Youtube and to those with money to invest in videography equipment, but times have changed. It has never been easier to film and edit quality video content. In this article, we’ll walk through […]

3 Tips for Showing Up on Google

a laptop open to the Google home page with a cup of coffee next to it

Recently I noticed that my friend’s small business in Montgomery was not showing up on Google search for terms that I would have thought they’d show up for. I let her know and she asked what she could do to rank higher in google searches (or show up at all in some cases). I did […]

Q&A With a Graphic Designer

two women standing back to back smiling and holding laptops with a brick background

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work as a graphic designer in a marketing agency? Our graphic designer and creative director are the lifeblood behind so many of the incredible visuals connected to not only our own brand but our clients’ brands as well. From logo and web design to full-scale […]

An Open Letter to Meta

An Open Letter to Meta 1

Dear Meta, We’ve been friends for a very long time at this point. More than a decade of my life has been photographed and shared with you. I’ve grown and changed as you have in small almost imperceivable ways that are only visible from the vantage point of time. I love you! I always have. […]

Healthy Social Media and Tech Boundaries

Social Media Boundaries - social media icons on iPhone

I have a love-hate relationship with social media so creating social media boundaries can be tough. I love keeping up with friends from all over the world and from all different times in my life. I love how it gives a platform to those who likely wouldn’t have had one even just 20 years ago. […]

A Facebook Advertising Crash Course

a woman using her laptop

A lot of businesses as they get started are looking for tips for Facebook Advertising and we are here to help! Most likely the majority of your growth so far has come from word-of-mouth advertising. You’re offering a quality product or service, so people are eating it up and telling their friends. Because of this, […]

The Social Media 80/20 Rule

close up of a cell phone with Dogwood Media Solutions Instagram Profile on the screen

The 80/20 rule is something that we harp on a lot here at Dogwood. No, not the Pareto Principle, the social media 80/20 rule! The idea is pretty simple, of all your social media content, 80% of it should give value to your client and only 20% should ask for something from them. That might […]

Ideas for Extra End of Year Budget

Notes on end of year budgetbudget

As the year quickly winds down you might be looking at your budget and wondering how to spend the remainder the end of year budget that you have. It can be tempting to spend it haphazardly to avoid any penalties like being budgeted less money the following year, but there are ways to put that […]

Why Work with a Social Media Manager?


Recently in a client meeting, we introduced the client to their digital media specialist who will handle their social media and content updates as their social media manager. At Dogwood, we assign a digital media specialist to clients who have a monthly contract with us as a way of maintaining a one-on-one relationship.  We began […]

5 Questions to Ask When Creating Content

Two people smiling for a selfie creating content for their blog

Recently, Brian and I were panelists on a webinar about social media content and how to best use your platforms to reach your desired audience. During that webinar, someone asked us if memes were appropriate content. For this particular group, the answer (in my opinion) was a resounding no, but we also walked them through […]