What’s the Point?

man frustrated in front of computer wondering "what's the point?"

When you’re doing all you can do to market yourself and the numbers don’t seem to correlate to your amount of effort, it’s easy to throw your hands up and ask “what’s the point?”  Recently, a client contacted us concerned that other people were getting more reactions than them on Instagram even though they had […]

Custom Christmas Ornaments

dogwood christmas ornament

If you follow us on social media (which you should) then you know that we’ve recently moved into a new office building. It’s our very own space that’s big enough to host meetings and get-togethers, like our Open House coming up on January 14th. It’s also big enough to have an 8-foot-tall Christmas tree in […]

A Social Media Platforms Crash Course


When you first begin to wade into the sea of Social Media, the plethora of different platforms can seem overwhelming. Not to mention, most platforms have multiple ways they can be used. It’s important to know which platforms will work for your audience because you don’t want to spend time doing something that doesn’t have […]

Social Media Scheduling

Social Media Scheduling 1

In last week’s Social Media for Beginners blog we talked about where to get ideas for content and how to create that content. This week we’re going to focus in on social media scheduling. We’ll talk about how often to post, when to post, and the importance of scheduling.  How Often Should I Post? Everyone […]

Creating Social Media Content

Creating Social Media Content 2

Last week, we talked about how to decide which social media platforms your brand should be on. Now that you know where to start, you need to start coming up with content! This is the fun part, or it can be the anxiety-ridden part if you feel like you’re not very creative. Whether you’re an […]

What Social Media Platform Should I Be On?

Social Media Icons on a Phone

In the increasingly digital world that we live in, most people recognize the importance of being on social media. The lines between the digital world and the real world have been blurred almost to the point of non-existence. This is especially true for businesses. However, just because you recognize the importance of being on social […]

Emily Tew – Digital Media Specialist

Emily Tew

We are excited to introduce you to our newest employee, Emily Tew! Emily is joining the team as a Digital Media Specialist and will be working on content management, some blog writing, and other tasks that need to be done to help all of us at Dogwood do our job more efficiently. She has already […]

Beth Gillem – Digital Media Specialist

Beth smiling in front of Dogwood logo

We are very excited to introduce our newest employee, Beth Gillem! Beth joined the team as our Digital Media Specialist as of August 21, 2019. As our number of social media, content creation, and SEO clients increased, we realized the need for another person to come in and help carry some of the load. Beth […]

Preparing to Work with a Marketing Agency

marketing meeting

The digital world was once a place where only large businesses were able to successfully promote themselves. As technology has advanced, the doors have opened wide for anyone to have an online presence. However, just because you have an online presence doesn’t mean that it’s a beneficial one. That’s where a marketing agency, like Dogwood […]