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Overview: Targeted digital marketing strategies were used as an outreach tool for a local church whose goal was to make new military families aware of their church and programs. Dogwood Media Solutions created a landing page on their website and targeted ads to accomplish this.

Client: Vaughn Forest Church, Montgomery, Alabama

Goal: To make new military families aware of their church and programs

Opportunity Recognized

Recently, Dogwood Media Solutions was presented with the opportunity to help Vaughn Forest Church better reach military families in and around Maxwell Air Force Base.

Vaughn Forest Church has been a client of Dogwood for a long time, so when creative pastor Chad Boak wanted to reach more service members and their families, he knew who to call.

Every year in early summer Airmen from around the country and their families relocate to Montgomery, Alabama where they serve on the Maxwell Air Force Base. Vaughn Forest has former service members on their staff, so they know firsthand the importance of connecting with military families when they first move to town. 

Client Goal

The church wanted to show that it is a place where military families are welcomed, celebrated, and loved. They want to help make the transition to a new city easier and give these families a community to be a part of and serve alongside. 

Due to the nature of the military, there are times when it’s hard to feel like anywhere is home. Especially during the pandemic, finding a new church is extremely hard. Vaughn Forest sought to eliminate this problem and connect directly with these military families 

The Plan and Execution of Targeted Digital Marketing

That’s where Dogwood comes in. To achieve these goals, Vaughn Forest and Dogwood worked together to come up with a strategy to share their heart for military families and get that story to the right people. The plan was to create a landing page on their website with all the relevant information and then to create targeted ads to get that page in front of the right eyes. 

The landing page was to be specifically curated with military families in mind and with the goal of answering all the questions a family might have before coming to a new church. The page includes video testimonies from church members who are in the military, a rundown of what to expect on your first day at the church, and information about their kids and student ministries as well. It even answers questions like what people typically wear and how they worship!

After creating the landing page, it was time to get that page to as many military families as possible. Through targeted Facebook ads, Dogwood was able to help Vaughn Forest gain traction and succeed in this effort. Geotargeting was used to serve the ads to those who lived and worked specifically in and around the Maxwell Air Force Base and neighborhoods around Vaughn Forest where military families often live. 


In just a week, the targeted ads had over 18,000 impressions. These were converted into 40 new military families visiting Vaughn Forest the next Sunday. “This is the best connection we’ve ever seen,” said Creative Pastor, Chad Boak. 

By working with Dogwood to create a targeted digital marketing strategy to reach their goals, Vaughn Forest was able to present information in an effective way, reach their target audience, invite them to visit the church, and form meaningful connections. These new families have benefitted Vaughn Forest and brought new momentum to the church during the pandemic. Vaughn Forest is now able to better serve those who serve us every day. 

“Dogwood helps us accomplish our mission,” says Boak. “We are very grateful to the whole team at Dogwood and the high level of competence they have. Dogwood made it happen.”

Vaughn Forest is reaching out to those who serve our country every day and we’re proud to be a part of making that happen!

A screenshot of the landing page ad for Vaughn Forest Church with a banner that says welcome military families as part of their targeted digital marketing strategy.
Case Study: Targeted Digital Marketing 2

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