Generational Marketing for Businesses

employess working in a coffee shop as they plan generational marketing for businesses

In the fourth part of this series on generational marketing, we are focusing on the best practices for generational marketing for businesses. We will discuss choosing your target generation and best practices for reaching that generation.  For a refresher, you may want to visit our first post Generational Marketing Dynamics for more details on each […]

Alt Text: What Is It and Why Should I Use It?

Example of alt text being filled in

Alt text (also called alternative text) is the written description of an image on a website. It is not a caption but is embedded in the HTML code of your site. What is alt text and why is it important that I use it? Let me explain.  What Exactly is Alt Text? Whenever you add […]

Why Work with a Social Media Manager?


Recently in a client meeting, we introduced the client to their digital media specialist who will handle their social media and content updates as their social media manager. At Dogwood, we assign a digital media specialist to clients who have a monthly contract with us as a way of maintaining a one-on-one relationship.  We began […]

Content Creation Using Topic Clusters

topic cluster

Deciding which topics to blog about on your website can be difficult and time-consuming, but implementing content creation using topic clusters can make it much easier! Let me explain. What Are Topic Clusters? Topic clusters are targeted clusters (groups) of relevant content that cover a specific topic in depth. For example, let’s imagine I sell […]

Discover 3 Elements Every Modern Business Website Needs

Modern Business Website

Having an online presence is essential to your business’s success and having a modern business website is the key. A company’s website is every bit as important right now as having a reputable storefront was in the 1950s. For this reason, you shouldn’t delay getting involved online. You should embrace it full-throttle whether it be […]

3 Reasons to Use a Professional Marketer

professional marketer

Marketing is the fuel for your company’s success and because of this, you need to hire a professional marketer to lead your marketing efforts. At Dogwood we do the research for you, are on top of social media opportunities and trends, and have the know-how to network effectively for increased exposure. These characteristics will put […]

Dogwood Achieves Google Partner Status

Google Partner Badge

Dogwood Media Solutions is proud to announce that we have achieved Google Partner status. From the beginning, this was a goal that we have intentionally sought to achieve and as of this month were awarded.  Google describes the Google Partners program as a “marketing program for advertising agencies or third-parties that manage Google Ads accounts […]

Dogwood Sends 4 Messengers to Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville

Dogwood Sends 4 Messengers to Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville 1

It’s not every day you get to take a work trip to the Southern Baptist Convention. This past week, four of the Dogwood team members made the journey up to Nashville, Tennessee to take part in the 2021 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting.  Traveling to the convention ended up having a dual purpose for us, […]