50 Easter Slogans for Churches

Easter Cross with flowers

We know your calling is ministering and not marketing…and the planning that goes into special holiday celebrations at church can be overwhelming. Easter Sunday (April 12) celebrates the hallmark of the Christian faith (Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection) and both member and guest attendance spike  (also Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve, and a special recognition service) churches […]

5 Tools for Your Church

5 Tools for Your Church 1

When I’ve spoken at ministry related conferences, I’m often asked, what are the things we need to have for our tech and communications ministry to get us current. While this list isn’t all-encompassing, these are some of my consistent recommendations in no particular order. 5. Planning Center – http://get.planningcenteronline.com/ Planning Center has become a must-have tool […]

Four Steps to Develop a Social Media Plan for Your Church

Four Steps to Develop a Social Media Plan for Your Church 2

I have been asked for suggestions on how a church should best use social media on multiple occasions. With that in mind and after having worked at two churches, I wanted to share some of my best practices. 1. Determine Your Audience With so many choices of social media avenues to use you can spread […]

Why Your Church Needs a Website


Josh Driggers found his new church home — Glynwood Baptist Church, Prattville — after the military moved his family to the area. The church had something he and his wife thought was important: an active Internet presence, both on the church’s Web page and Facebook. “Our thoughts were if a church doesn’t have these, then […]