The Basics of Branding Your Business


Branding may seem simple but successful branding is more of an art. It is much more than a logo and company colors. It is the story and emotions behind your business. Let’s explore the basics of branding your business and why it is so important.  Branding- More Than Your Logo Branding is the way your […]

Why You Should Know Your Audience

talking to audience

Being a “people person,” connecting with people comes naturally and is something I genuinely enjoy getting to do. At Dogwood that looks like getting to know each of our individual clients, their unique needs, challenges, and ways that we can help them. Getting to know your audience is more than just creating a positive experience […]

Debunking Digital Marketing Myths

debunking marketing myths

I have watched one too many true crime shows in my life, and because of that, I am always looking for a good mystery or myth to bust. In this blog, I really wanted to break down the common digital marketing myths we often hear in our field from potential clients. If you aren’t familiar […]

Beyond Digital – Are Billboards Right For You?


Dogwood is a full-service agency that deals with all forms of marketing, digital, print, radio, TV and even billboards! I thought I’d share a recent experience we had with billboard advertising and some new developments that have started in this area. Quick fact: Did you know that billboards have been around since the 1830s? Some […]

8 Tips for Writing a Case Study

a young woman sits at her computer writing a case study

Have you considered adding case studies to your marketing strategy? Case studies are a powerful marketing tool. In this blog post, we are sharing 8 tips for writing a case study to help you get the most impact from your work.  81% of customers conduct online research before making a purchase. This includes reviews, price […]

Why Case Studies are a Powerful Marketing Tool


As a business owner, you know your product or service better than anyone. You have many success stories (hopefully!) but don’t know the best way to share them with your audience. In today’s blog, we are diving into why case studies are a powerful marketing tool that you should add to your digital marketing.  What […]

5 Ways to Jumpstart your Marketing in the Year 2022

5 Ways to Jumpstart your Marketing in the Year 2022 1

With the New Year upon us, and new resolutions being made, now is the time to jumpstart your marketing plan for your business.  Evaluate Your 2021 Marketing You’ve probably heard the old saying, that history repeats itself. That’s because any time we are not willing to make changes based on our past mistakes or efforts, […]

Ideas for Extra End of Year Budget

Notes on end of year budgetbudget

As the year quickly winds down you might be looking at your budget and wondering how to spend the remainder the end of year budget that you have. It can be tempting to spend it haphazardly to avoid any penalties like being budgeted less money the following year, but there are ways to put that […]

Generational Marketing for Nonprofits

volunteers serving together at a nonprofit

Do you run marketing for a non-profit? In the last of this 5 part series on marketing to the different generations, we are diving into generational marketing for nonprofits. We will look at which generations are giving and how to best reach them.  If you want a refresher on the dynamics of each generation, read […]

Generational Marketing for Businesses

employess working in a coffee shop as they plan generational marketing for businesses

In the fourth part of this series on generational marketing, we are focusing on the best practices for generational marketing for businesses. We will discuss choosing your target generation and best practices for reaching that generation.  For a refresher, you may want to visit our first post Generational Marketing Dynamics for more details on each […]