Communicating Through Videos

Nick Wells, the audio video strategists looks through the camera as he works on communicating through videos.

Why is communicating through videos such an important means of communication? It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you have a one-minute video at 30 frames per second, you have a video worth 1,800,000 words. That’s a lot of words. And a really bad joke. I’m Nick Wells and I’m […]

Q & A with an Audio/Video Strategist

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to be an audio/video strategist? We believe that we have the best in the business here at Dogwood and we wanted to give an inside scoop on what his day to day job looks like. We sat down with Nick Wells, our audio/video strategist, and learned about […]

Live Streaming on a $1000 budget

a camera live streaming with a blurred man in the background

Recently, a friend serving at a small church here in Alabama approached me about helping them with live streaming their services. Of course, my first question was, “what’s your budget?” Their budget was like that of most typical church’s – small. $1,000 to be exact. They also wanted something that was super-volunteer friendly and easy […]

7 Tips for Video Conferencing Like a Pro

video conferencing on a laptop

We’ve all been forced to learn how to video conference over the past month. My hope is that these 7 tips will help you look your best on camera and give you the professional look you are looking for. If you are using your phone – shoot it wide/horizontal, not long. People will be watching […]

More Tips and Tricks for iPhone Photography

taking a picture with iPhone

The amazing iPhone camera…we keep unlocking your secrets. We have shared previously on  iPhone photography using portrait mode outdoors and using your iPhone for product photography. Today we are sharing some more tips and tricks for iPhone photography and some tips that apply to photography in general. Read on to learn how to harness the […]

Product Photography Using Your iPhone

woman taking product photography with her iPhone of a scarf for sale

In digital marketing, visuals are essential. Photographs, videos, and animations all grab attention and impact consumer’s purchasing decisions. Since we are all so visually driven, it makes sense to be able to take quality photographs of the products we sell or things that illustrate our mission. With that in mind, I am sharing today about […]

The “Why” Behind Closed Captioning your Video Content

phone showing closed captions

Brian recently shared how to add closed captioning to the video content you share. As someone who has dealt with hearing loss in some form or fashion my entire life, I want to share the “why” behind closed captioning your video content today. Captioning your content may be the missing step in your marketing you […]

Headshots and Portraits using iPhone Portrait Mode

woman holding phone to take a photo

As a former wedding and portrait photographer of 10+ years, I know the quality and professionalism that hiring a photographer can bring to your business. Sometimes though, time and/or budget may not allow that. Today, we are sharing with you tips on taking beautiful headshots and portraits using the iPhone portrait mode. There are three […]

To Live Stream or Not To?

Live Stream

March 2020 Addendum: When this post was originally written options like streaming on Facebook weren’t available. I’d highly recommend it as an option for several reasons: Existing Audience – The assumption is that you already have an audience built for your church’s Facebook page. Simple – You can record a message for the Sunday service […]

5 Tips For Using YouTube

5 Tips For Using YouTube 1

APRIL 9, 2015 BY BRIAN HARRIS LEAVE A COMMENT 5 Tips For Using YouTube I’ve used multiple avenues for sharing videos, some names you may not even recognize. Remember It’s still around. Google even had it’s own video sharing service before they bought YouTube and merged their videos into it. YouTube has really come into it’s own […]