Social media can seem like a world of its own! To some, it might be exciting and fun to discover, while others dread piecing together the algorithms and rules that must be followed on each platform. One of the best tips we can give you – consistency is key!

We have talked before about the ins and outs of social media marketing and the importance of creating a strategy before you hit “post!” There are many ways to contribute to your brand’s overall presence online, but perhaps one of the most valuable is consistency.

Let me be clear – consistency does not necessarily mean posting more! Instead, it just means posting regularly. Whether that’s once a week or twice a day, whatever schedule your brand decides is best for them, stick to it!

Building a Relationship

Do you know those friends that are the worst at responding to a text message? One day you will receive three text messages and then you won’t hear from them again for two weeks when randomly you receive another message. This isn’t the sign of a good relationship! When you post and interact on your social media platforms inconsistently you are building the same kind of relationship with your audience as your friend is with you.

Relationships are vital to building credibility. You want your customers, or potential customers, to know why you are the expert in your field. If the messaging that they are receiving from you is sporadic, what reasons do they have to believe in your expertise? Practicing consistency on social media allows them to see that you are present, engaged, committed, and invested in the work that you do.

Beat the System

When I was in college, I went through sorority recruitment. Part of the process is to talk with girls from each of the sororities through a series of events. At each event, you are greeted by a current member of the sisterhood that talks with you about what you are looking for in a sorority, things you enjoy, and what you are looking forward to in college. As I talked with each girl I found it to be so ironic that each of them had something in common with me! Come to find out, those girls I was talking with were purposely placed in those positions. They had studied who I was and what I liked and then paired me with who they thought I would most relate to. It was the system- not just a coincidence!

Social media operates in a very similar way. The algorithms of Facebook and Instagram base timeline’s off of who users regularly follow and engage with, and ones similar to those that they seem to like. You want to be the one to end up on those timelines! If your posting decreases, Instagram will stop showing your profile to users. If Instagram sees that you post on a regular basis and people are interacting with you, they will put you out in front of your targeted audience.

Consistency in posting helps you in the grand scheme of the system. If the algorithms don’t see you showing up, you won’t show up!

Consistently Engage

Posting consistently is important, but don’t forget to also engage consistently. What does this mean? Interact with your audience. Those algorithms we mentioned earlier not only like to see that you exist, but that you are social. So, take time each day to practice responding to comments, liking similar brands content, and engaging with potential customers. Just like you schedule time to post, schedule time to engage! This doesn’t go unnoticed.

Posting consistency and engaging on social media can do only positive things for your brand! Though social media seems like its own world – it’s one that you don’t have to miss out on! If you need help getting started, we have a team that’s ready to go. Reach out to us today!

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