In a recent article from Google Think With Us, we were challenged on how it is to be creative in your video ads and balancing that with strategy. It made me think of the delicate marriage of the creative and technical elements in marketing in general. While both can be successful alone, a good marriage of the two is marketing gold. Let me explain. 

The Creative Elements in Marketing

Everyone wants their brand or ad to stand out. Some create catchy (and sometimes corny) jingles or characters connected to their business. The music or sounds you have associated with your brand is known as “sonic branding” An example: “I have an annuity and I need cash now. Call J.G. Wentworth- 8-7-7 Cash Now!!” or my personal favorite “Gimme a break-Gimme a break- Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!”  (apologies now if any or all of these jingles stay in your head all day!)

If you want a creative jingle for your business then that is great and I hope it takes off. More often than not though – good, solid branding is the best strategy as far as the creative aspect. You want the public to see your brand, easily recognize it, and remember it. Building good brand recognition takes time, but once it is established it can be used for the life of your business. 

Good branding also helps keep your creativity in check. Sometimes we can be tempted to go a little “wild” in trying to grab the attention of our audience. That can easily do more damage than good. Branding guidelines make sure that the overall look of your advertising is consistent but still allow room for creativity. You will portray consistency and confidence which are both appealing to customers. 

The Technical Elements in Marketing

The technical aspect of marketing includes paid advertising and targeting. There are so many factors that can be set, tweaked and pushed in paid digital advertising. To a new business owner you can easily be overwhelmed by abbreviations like CPC, CTR, and CPR (no that last one is not the same as the life saving measure!) It is easy for business owners who already have their plates full running their own business to just say no when it comes to advertising on google or sponsored ads on social media. Paid digital advertising can be a big boost with a good payout when done right. 

That’s where we come in. We love the technical part of digital marketing and know what all those abbreviations mean. We can even set your ads up for you so that your potential customers are the most likely to see it and make sure you are getting the most for your ad money spent.

Blending the Creative and the Technical Elements in Marketing

A creative ad may yield some good results on its own- just as a “blah” ad may yield some results with the correct technical details. When they both come together though- that’s where the money is! 

Imagine creative, eye-catching, and engaging content that is being shown to the people who are searching for your business and are the customers you are looking for! That is what the blending of the creative and the technical aspects of digital marketing is. When our customers make a profit that can be directly tied back to marketing that we created and/or set up for them, we call it a job well done. 

Do you feel like your business could use some help with the creative portion of digital media? The technical aspect of getting your message out there? Maybe a bit of both? Let’s start a conversation. We can help you find the best plan for your marketing. 

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