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In the first part of this five-part series, I covered the characteristics of the different generations. In today’s post, let’s discuss digital marketing to the generations and best practices. 

First, you must consider “Who is my target generation?” much like you ask yourself “Who is my target audience?” Many will find that their target generation overlaps many and must then tailor your marketing to reach a broader population. If you need a refresher on the characteristics of each generation, refer back to our first post in this series Generational Marketing Dynamics. Once you understand the mindsets of each generation, then you can begin to create your strategy for digital marketing to the generations.

Digital Marketing to Traditionalist and Baby Boomers

These generations are found primarily on Facebook and Youtube. That does not mean that you should discount marketing via Twitter and Instagram though. They appreciate videos with thoughtful messages and links to websites to learn more. They like to see how a product or service can truly make life easier for them. (Remember flexibility is important to them!)

I would also consider the power of print media to these generations. They like to be able to read information easily and keep it in front of them. 

Digital Marketing to the Generations X and Millennials

Generation X and Millennials may see that you have a good product or service but also want to see that you are an upstanding and world-changing company. Are you building up your community also? They are also more likely to respond to prompts via social media to get the conversations going. These generations place a high priority on social media and use it primarily to connect with family and friends, learn new trends, or learn ways to make their day-to-day life better. Consider all the groups on Facebook dedicated to specific topics- I bet you will find Millennials and Generation X there. 

Pose thoughtful questions and statements using graphics and post them in a carousel format. These generations enjoy clicking through the images and thinking deeply. 

Consider highlighting the lifestyle associated with your product or service. What connects others to your product? What identifies those that you serve or sell to? Craft content around this. 

These generations also have a strong desire to see change happen in the world around them. Promoting your company’s philanthropic efforts or how your product or service helps others is a pull to them, but be real about it. Don’t brag. They will see right through it. 

Be sure to hit every angle you can on social media. Make an Instagram reel, then point to that in your Instagram story and also in an Instagram post. Make a TikTok? Share it in the same way to all social platforms possible. To reach these generations you have to show up in multiple ways. 

If you have the option to “add to calendar” for your events of your email recipients, these generations appreciate the reminders. 

Digital Marketing to the Generations Z & Alpha

If your business’ main audiences are Generation Z & Alpha, you must take into account that the previous generations are more than likely the ones paying for your products or services so you must cater to their needs also. Reaching the Z & Alpha generation to inspire the desire for your product or service requires that you market to them also.

Video clips shared on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube are attractive to this generation. If you talked to them face to face you may get little conversation, but ask for feedback in the comments of a social post and you will hear from them. This generation is the first marked as “tech creators” rather than “tech consumers.” Be creative in your advertising. They appreciate options when shopping and will use their social media voice to promote (or not promote) your product. User-generated content is appreciated. 

The same applies to Alpha as Gen Z and Millennials. Take advantage of all the posting options that each social media platform offers. Create thoughtful and interactive content that sparks deep thinking and emotions. 

Expand Your Thinking…

Be sure to consider not only the generation you are pursuing but also consider the generation that is paying. While each generation values different things about businesses, they are all valid points. Be sure to expand your thinking when you are digital marketing to the generations and not focus solely on just one single age group. Next week’s post will be focused on generational marketing for faith-based organizations. If that’s not you, I hope you’ll still check it out and come back for part 4 and part 5 where I’ll focus on nonprofits and businesses.  

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