One of the questions we get asked all the time is “When am I going to get some Dogwood Gear?” Well, that answer is now.

Introducing our new Dogwood Gear shop at

What’s In The Shop?

Right now as of this moment, and always subject to change, there are three designs and two items of each.

Dogwood Gear Now Available 1The first design was our shirt we debuted at the Montgomery Half Marathon in April of this year. It’s our logo and the words “Pike Road, Alabama” at the top. It’s available in both a t-shirt and a hoodie.

Our second design is being debuted today in time for WordCamp being held in St. Louis, Nov. 1-3. Thomas Jones, my business partner, and our creative director will be attending and sporting the new “Made with Heart” design.

Our third design definitely has a story! When ideas hit me I love to throw them on the whiteboard in our office. On my way in one morning, I was thinking about how the work we do has a higher purpose along with the double meaning that we were designed with a purpose. I have terrible handwriting and what everyone saw on the board that day was “Designed with Porpoise”. It stuck and turns out made for a good and funny t-shirt design.

Our fourth design is straight from the mind of our own Beth Gillem. All of our sites are expertly hosted and managed by WpEngine – but in her mind, she read it as W Penguin. Telling us was like giving us gold. Thomas hopped right on that and made a true logo to match what she thought she was reading all this time.

Will There Be More Dogwood Gear?

Absolutely. I know of one other design that will be added very soon and we’ll always be adding more as we go. Also, we may add additional options for having your shirt printed, different materials, colors, etc.

We may even send you some gear on occasion just because. Make sure you read our blog posts and follow us on our social media channels!

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