When Dogwood Media Solutions first opened its doors in January 2019, our two founders Brian Harris and Thomas Jones rented a 250-square-foot office space above Pike Road Family Eye Care. By May 2019, Dogwood had hired its first two employees, Matt and myself, and taken on an intern. This meant that our office space had reached capacity and we were in need of a larger room. Luckily there was a space right down the hall that could accommodate us.

On June 14, 2019, we moved down to our new office space which was a whopping 400 square feet. It felt gigantic compared to our old office and had plenty of room for cartwheels and shenanigans. However, it didn’t take us long to realize that at the rate we were growing, this room wouldn’t last long, so we began hunting for a more permanent solution.

Dogwood Moves to New Office in Pike Road, AL 1
Dogwood Moves to New Office in Pike Road, AL 4

Our hunt led us to 19 South Court Street right next to the Court Street Fountain in Downtown Montgomery. 

As we continued to grow we knew that at some point we would need a building built just for us and our needs that would provide even more room to expand and better serve our clients. This led us to partner with Drew Burton, Legacy Advisors, and AB Holdings to build out a space that not only fits our aesthetic but also our internal setup.

The process began in December 2020 and over the next two years, we began drawing up plans, making design decisions, and driving by frequently to check on the progress. We were all ecstatic to move into the new space which made it feel like time stood still, but in November 2022 we officially moved to 65B Scotia Dr. in Pike Road.

Our new space is 2500 square feet with a sleek black and white interior that is the perfect canvas to show off our personality as the years go by. One of our favorite additions in this space is the conference room which allows us to have more private meetings while allowing everyone else to continue working without distraction. Another is our editing suite where we record our podcasts and work on video projects for our clients. The new space also includes four offices, a kitchenette, and a garage door that opens up to a patio which is perfect for soaking up a little sun and fresh air while we work.

Dogwood Moves to New Office in Pike Road, AL 2
Dogwood Moves to New Office in Pike Road, AL 5

We plan to continue making this space “scream” Dogwood through artwork and other design pieces, but here are a few that we’ve already incorporated. When you first walk into the office you’ll see four photos on your right—two of Pike Road and two of Montgomery. We wanted to not only represent our local communities but also wanted to look back to where we’ve been and look forward to where we’re going. 

Another thing you’ll notice as you walk in is a floor-to-ceiling topographical map of the River Region that is a nod to one of those who started the company as well as to the local community we’re proud to serve.

Dogwood Moves to New Office in Pike Road, AL 3
Dogwood Moves to New Office in Pike Road, AL 6

Who would have thought four years ago that we would be where we are today? We are excited to be back in Pike Road and are even more excited to continue making partnerships that allow us to serve businesses, schools, non-profits, and other organizations in the River Region and beyond. We are thankful for the support of our clients, friends, and family through the years and can’t wait to see where the next decade takes us!

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