Everyone loves receiving awards, and well, we’re no different at Dogwood. 

When I began working at a Baptist Church in 2008 as their communications director, I was invited to join the Baptist Communicators Association by Doug Rogers, the communications director for the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions. I joined in 2010 once I got the budget approved to include a yearly membership. It wasn’t until 2012 when I went on staff with the State Board of Missions that I was able to attend my first meeting.

The first meeting was in Ft. Worth, TX. I walked into a meet and greet and was able to meet others just like me serving at state conventions, newspapers, seminaries, and other Baptist entities in the communication field. Those few days of that first meeting were some of the best and served as a great way for me to recharge my batteries. I remember especially attending break-out sessions led by others in my field that were super helpful for me in my new role. Some of the friendships I made on that first meeting still persist to this day. 

Even as Dogwood began, because of the work we do to help churches and non-profits, we have chosen to remain involved in this association (among others) to keep our connections strong. 

Each year as part of the annual meeting, an award ceremony is held near the end. In 2020 though, the annual event was canceled due to COVID-19. Even in 2021, the event was attempted to be held again but moved to a virtual event like many others. The award ceremony was encapsulated in a well-produced video after we received a printed version of the awards. 

Dogwood was recognized with multiple awards and we are excited to share about them:

For Website, event, or promotion site – 25 pages or more

1st Place – New Site for

For Website, event, or promotion site – 24 pages or fewer

1st Place – New site for

For Website, organization, or company site – 25 pages or more

2nd Place – New site for

For Website, organization, or company site – 24 pages or fewer

1st Place – New Site for

2nd Place – New Site for

3rd Place – New Site for

We are extremely honored to have multiple sites, representing multiple clients, that we built this year recognized. It’s a direct reflection of the amazing talent that we have gathered here at Dogwood. 

If you are in the employ of any organization with Baptist ties, I encourage you to consider becoming involved with this organization. The 67th annual workshop is scheduled for April 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana and we’d love to have you there to enjoy the training, fellowship, and maybe a little bit of recognition for a job well done! 

About the Baptist Communicators Association

BCA is a professional development association for Baptist communicators. It has been around since 1953 and brings benefits to a nationwide membership of approximately 250. Most of the members come from Southern Baptist agencies (IMB, NAMB, GuideStone, etc.), state conventions, Baptist newspapers, and Baptist universities. BCA members fall into seven interest categories: editorial, public relations, electronic media, photography, management, marketing, and graphic design.

The main mission of the BCA is to assist Baptist personnel in communications, professional growth, and fulfillment. BCA shares useful ideas and enables members to do effective communications planning and achieve superior results. BCA also provides a reinforcing fellowship for members and gives recognition for outstanding professional achievement via the annual Wilmer C. Fields Awards held at each year’s annual gathering. BCA also offers email updates, private Facebook group, and other workshops.

You can view a full list of 2021 awards winners via

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