Recently we hosted a social media strategy conference for one of our long time clients, The Alabama Baptist Newspaper, in our office. We were excited to have them here to give us honest feedback as our plan is to make this the first of many. 


Whether you are a current client, potential client, or just need some advice – this strategy conference is designed to help. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about our goals and what you’ll leave with after attending.


In this case, our goals were to educate them on their current social media presence, enlighten them on how our scheduling system works and edify both our strategies for the future. Perhaps this would be a good fit for your business. Read on for all the details. 



Man lecturing in front of a screen

After a quick walk to grab a cup of coffee at Prevail, one of our neighbors in the nearby Kress Building, we returned and opened our conference. Brian shared details on why we should be on certain social platforms and specifically how our client was performing on them. He discussed future possible platforms and how they could best promote themselves via those channels. 


We would do the same for you and your business. After studying statistics and target audiences, we can establish whether your current social media strategy is effective. Brian’s experience and knowledge of the digital business world is a huge part of this. He has a knack for gauging current engagement and envisioning where a business’s voice would be best heard. 


young girl giving a presentationWe don’t see you as only a client but seek to partner with you to get the best possible results. Teams work best when you understand how and why a member performs a task a certain way. Emily shared the details on how and why we schedule certain posts. We also learned more about the content creation process. Knowing both sides helps both us and the client make the best possible decisions resulting in the best engagement.


Our scheduling software allows us to tailor posting times to when most of your business’s audience is interacting online. This leads to the most eyes seeing your content. That is one of the main goals of social media marketing. Emily also shared about the tagging process that connects your page to other pages also resulting in more eyes seeing your content. She stressed the importance of the human element in choosing tags and hashtags. 


woman teaching photography and social media strategy

Once we establish where your business is on social, where it could perform better, and how our scheduling system works, we pour out tips for moving forward. I (Beth) shared my tips regarding photography and creating graphics for social. Our audience on social is so visually driven, we know it is important to create eye-catching photographs and graphics and also be able to share them professionally with our audience. We discussed the nuances of Instagram and Facebook stories and tips for posing people in our photographs. 


The heart of moving forward in social media is finding a way to convey your passion to your audience. Whether it be a product you sell, a service you offer, an organization you represent, or a mission you want to share with the world. It all boils down to your passion. We know that you have that passion (It’s your business after all!) At Dogwood we want to be able to send that passion out to your audience by coordinating the technical, statistical and real person elements. 

We ended our conference enjoying lunch together from The Cahawba House just down from our office. It was fun to answer questions and brainstorm with our clients over the things we had just learned. (You know what was even more fun? Seeing them implement things they learned from us this week in their social media!)


This idea for a social media strategy conference is one we have thrown around for a while. It was fun to see it come together. While there are things we want to do better, overall the day was a success and we are looking forward to hosting more. If you feel like your business could benefit from a similar conference, please start a conversation with us. We would love to work together. 


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