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We know your calling is ministering and not marketing…and the planning that goes into special holiday celebrations at church can be overwhelming. Easter Sunday (April 20th 2025) celebrates the hallmark of the Christian faith (Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection) and both member and guest attendance spike  (also Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve, and a special recognition service) churches go the extra mile in planning. We’d like to help so we compiled a list of 50 Easter slogans to inspire you and make this day as special as possible for your congregation. 

50 Easter Slogans

  1. Rejection–>Redemption
  2. Exit from Death: Entrance to Glory
  3. The Easter Story: From Pieces to Peace
  4. The Peace of Easter
  5. The Missing Peace
  6. A Living Hope
  7. One Dead Man; Forever Alive
  8. Look Again…
  9. Rolled Away
  10. Looking for the Living Among the Dead
  11. Looking for the Dead Among the Living
  12. The death of Death
  13. A Life of Sacrifice
  14. Beautiful Sacrifice
  15. The Empty Tomb=A Full Life
  16. I Loved You at Your Darkest (Rom. 5:8)
  17. Easter Changes Everything
  18. This Changes Everything
  19. The Day that Changed Everything
  20. Grace on Earth
  21. More Mercy in Christ than Sin in You
  22. From the Grave to Amazing Grace
  23. He Took My Place
  24. Amazing Grave & Amazing Grace
  25. Grace–>The Easter Story
  26. The Power of the Cross (variations include: On the Cross & In the Cross)
  27. The Torn Veil
  28. It is Finished.
  29. 3 Days that Changed Everything
  30. 3 Days that Will Change Your Life
  31. The Emptiness of Easter
  32. Barrabas or Christ: Your Choice
  33. Risen & Redeemed
  34. He is Risen. We are Redeemed.
  35. An Easter Intervention
  36. Choose Hope
  37. Jesus Chose Death. You Can Choose Life.
  38. The Day the Veil Fell
  39. He is Not Here. He Has Risen. 
  40. Jesus Loves His Peeps (Specifically for Kids Sermons)
  41. Easter: The Rest of the Christmas Story
  42. Our Burden Rolled Away
  43. Find Hope. 
  44. Hope in Death.
  45. The Grave Defeated
  46. Grace Greater than the Grave
  47. Grace>Grave
  48. The Empty Tomb
  49. From the Cross to Life
  50. Jesus vs. Death

We hope this list provides a little inspiration and gets you ahead in your planning. Once you decide on a slogan, begin on your graphics and decide where and what formats are needed. In addition to website and social media designs, you might also consider yard signage, banners, and special prints to help celebrate the day. Remember our graphic design team would love to help you find the perfect design to go with your church’s celebration and take this off your to-do list. Start a conversation with us and we will get to work! 

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