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You have an online store and you are building your email subscriber base. Now, what email content do you send? In today’s blog, we are sharing simple email marketing automations for ecommerce sites. We are breaking down the 4 best marketing automations to send and why. 

What Do You Mean Marketing Automations?

Marketing automations are the tasks set up within your software that, once set up, do not require humans to do anything else. Do you hear that? Put in a little time and effort into setup and then it does the work for you! To any busy business owner, this is music to your ears!

The 4 Best Email Marketing Automations to Send

Abandoned Cart Emails

 As a busy mom myself I often find myself adding something to my online cart then getting pulled away from completing the purchase. This could be because of another task that called my attention or the fact that I am still considering the purchase. 

An “abandoned cart” email marketing automation is set to send me a reminder email that I did not complete the purchase. 

Check out these stats on abandoned cart emails:

  • 44.1% of abandoned cart emails are opened.
  • Almost a third of clicks on abandoned cart emails (29.9%) lead to a recovered sale.
  • Abandoned cart emails are most effective when scheduled to be sent within one hour of a customer abandoning their cart. 

Birthday Emails

Be sure to send a happy birthday email to your subscriber list and set up the marketing automations to do it for you! Whether you send a fun gif, a discount code, or free shipping, birthday emails perform better than promotional emails across the board. After all, who doesn’t love to get happy birthday wishes? While most birthday emails are sent on the actual birthday, some business owners choose to send them at the beginning of the month to allow plenty of time for their customers to shop and to send reminder emails. 

After Purchase Follow-Ups

After purchase follow-up emails are a great way to encourage customer loyalty. One of the key aspects of customer loyalty is providing a great experience for your customers every step of the way. When a customer completes a purchase from you, set up marketing automations to send them a heartfelt thank you, a discount code for future purchases, or exclusive information about a new product or upcoming release. You can also ask them to leave feedback or a review. (Take advantage of the user generated content you receive and post about it on social media!) 

Customer Win-Back Campaigns

A customer win-back campaign is a series of targeted messages you send to customers who no longer engage with your content. In other words, these customers have gone dormant. While this series may require a little more brainstorming when creating content, it is well worth it. Generally, it will cost you 5 times more to get a new customer than to win back an old one. 

Win-back campaign content could include subjects like: new products released, “we miss you” emails, thank you for your previous loyalty with a discount code, testimonials from other customers, and “here’s what you are missing…” emails. 

Personalize Your Email Marketing Automations! 

With any email marketing automations you set up, be sure to personalize your emails! Emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates! 

At Dogwood we set up email marketing automations for our clients all the time. We help monitor the subscriber lists and make sure things are running smoothly. We can help you do this too! Reach out today and make sure you are taking full advantage of all the email marketing automations that are available and letting your business work for you! 

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