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In the fourth part of this series on generational marketing, we are focusing on the best practices for generational marketing for businesses. We will discuss choosing your target generation and best practices for reaching that generation. 

For a refresher, you may want to visit our first post Generational Marketing Dynamics for more details on each generation. 

Identify Your Target Generation

Much like you choose your target audience in digital marketing, it is important to identify your target generation. What do I mean by that? What age group do most of your customers fall into? What age group do you most want to become your customers? Google analytics can give insight into the ages that are visiting your website. (Check out this demographics step by step tutorial from Google) and social media metrics can tell you the age groups of those interacting on social. It could also be helpful to analyze any targeted ads you have done in the past. Compare what age group you targeted with how well they performed. 

Does the data with who is responding to your digital marketing line up with the target generation you are trying to reach? If not, you may want to redesign your marketing angles to connect more with what each generation is drawn to. (More on what each generation is drawn to below.) Analyzing data is one of the most effective tasks when designing a strategy for generational marketing for businesses.

Focus Your Efforts on Where They Are

For generational marketing for businesses to be effective, then you must advertise where they are. This does not necessarily mean you end your marketing efforts on certain platforms, but that the kind of content you create and what platform you focus your efforts on most may need to be adjusted. 

If Your Target Generation is Traditionalists or Baby Boomers

Traditionalists and Baby Boomers hold the most consumer power at this moment. (In other words, they are the ones who are buying) You will find these generations on Facebook and Youtube. They are also active on news media sites, enjoy reading blogs, and will open your emails to read them. 

If Your Target Generations is Generation X 

Although a smaller generation they still hold a lot of purchasing power. Generation X is very tech-savvy but also grew up without technology. They value community and connection with others. This generation is protecting their wealth and appreciates sales and discount codes. You must show them that they can trust your business or organization. They want to know you are credible. Be transparent and authentic. They may see your ads, but they will still research your product or company before making a purchase. You will find Generation X primarily on Facebook, but they are also active on the other social media platforms. They are very brand loyal. They will read blogs in their research and read reviews. 

If Your Target Generation is Millennials

Millennials love social media and are active on all platforms. They use it for everything from research to entertainment. They are very tech-savvy so be sure to account for that in your marketing. 75% of Millennials watch at least one video daily on social media. They also appreciate Pinterest and like Gen X like to research before purchasing. Millennials appreciate having lots of information in front of them at once rather than searching and searching to have questions answered. Many do not trust social media ads but do trust online reviews. 

If Your Target Generation is Generation Z or the Youngest Generation Alpha

Generations Z and Alpha are all about videos. They are active on Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok. Like Millennials they do a lot of shopping online and are visually driven. Influencers are strong in their life. That being said, many prefer email marketing because they can opt-in or opt-out. They like choices and options. Keep in mind that while your product or service may be for Generation Z or the youngest generation Alpha, their parents may be the ones purchasing. You must tailor to both generations to gain the most from your market. 

Practical Tips for Generational Marketing for Businesses

To Reach Traditionalists and Baby Boomers

  • Create great videography for your business. These generations enjoy thoughtful videos along with links to websites to read more. 
  • Focus on compelling content with your blog writing to explain more details about the content you shared in your videos. 
  • Amplifying your email marketing to reach these generations. 
  • Search engine marketing would be good because this generation likes research. Be sure to take advantage of the targeting demographics when setting up your ads. 
  • It may be worthwhile to engage in pay-per-click ads focusing on news media sites. 
  • Printed advertising is still worthwhile with this generation. 

To Reach Generation X:

  • Do not completely discard print materials or printed advertising.
  • Make sure that your Google My Business listing is correct and well represented. 
  • A blog positioning you as the expert in your field is popular.
  • Search Engine Marketing can be implemented, but because of this generation’s researching habits, search engine optimization (SEO) is a great plan to help your site show up organically. Be sure to manage and respond to all reviews. 
  • Targeted Facebook ads would be beneficial. 
  • Facebook groups are very popular because of the sense of community they bring. 
  • Create community through your email marketing and make it feel tight-knit and special. Create engaging video content and be sure to caption it. 
  • Reward purchases with a discount code, exclusive offers, or at least a thank you email. They will notice. 

To Reach Millennials:

  • Be active on social media. Post daily on all platforms. 
  • Mix up your content and make sure it is entertaining but also educational. They enjoy video and “fun” posts. 
  • Highlight your customer reviews and other user-generated content. 
  • Consider having guest posts on your blog to endorse your company. 
  • Be credible and authentic. 
  • Be sure that your website is optimized for mobile and the blog content is formatted in the best way for mobile devices. 

To Reach Generations Z and Alpha:

  • Create engaging video content. 
  • Be consistent and share it across all platforms but primarily Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok. 
  • Mix up your content styles but be sure your branding is consistent. 
  • Take advantage of all options that each platform brings and share your posts across platforms. Create engaging email marketing campaigns and promote guest postings in your posts and blogs.
  • Over 70% of Gen Z are members of loyalty programs, consider ways you can incorporate this into your digital marketing. 

We hope you have been inspired by our post on Generational Marketing for Businesses. Be sure to check out the previous posts in this series Generational Marketing Dynamics, Digital Marketing to the Generations, Generational Marketing for Faith-Based Organizations, and next week we will be sharing about generational marketing for nonprofits. 

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