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Email Marketing is here to stay and is still growing! In 2019, it was reported by Statista that there were over 3.9 Billion users. That number is projected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023!

The question is, what will you do to use this tool to reach your customers, your audience, or your congregants?

In today’s blog, I’m going to share 3 tips for growing your email marketing database. 

Your Current Client Database

If you are already doing business with someone, you probably already have their name, address, and phone number. Their email address should be another piece of information you collect. 

If you use an online invoice system, most of these can connect to a program like MailChimp to automatically sync your clients. It’s a quick and easy way to link both databases! 

Your Website

Adding a form on your website, especially if you have a blog, is another easy way to grow your list. In its most basic form, the only information you need to collect is their email address. This type of form is most effective if it’s used as a way to subscribe to receive blogs or newsletters. 

You can also use your contact form as a means of gaining new email addresses. Whenever someone contacts you via that form, the email address can automatically be linked to your database in Mailchimp. 

Event Registrations

If you host events for your organization, you can also use registration forms to collect information including email addresses. Many of the online ticketing programs like Eventbrite have a free option for no-cost events that will sync with an online email marketing platform like Mailchimp. There are many options but keep in mind that most will have a cost if you are charging people to attend. 

Bonus Tip for Growing Your Email Marketing Database

I mentioned MailChimp numerous times in this article. It’s easy to use and a mostly free program that I highly recommend. The biggest benefit is that it keeps your email list legal. And by legal I mean they will make sure you meet all guidelines for sending out marketing emails.

Hopefully, these quick basic tips will help with getting your next email marketing campaign seen by more people! If you need help beginning an email campaign or managing your current one, let’s start a conversation. 

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