There’s a new social platform on the block (although, it seems all too familiar). If you’ve ever used TikTok, you will be glad to know Facebook, Instagram’s mother company, recently rolled out its own version, known as Instagram Reels. The Reels feature within Instagram offers a similar way to create and share content through its short 15-second video clips. When used strategically, both have the potential to be used as your next big marketing and social networking platform. 

While Instagram Reels and TikTok are similar, they are not just different versions of the same thing. Each has its own unique characteristics and aspects which set it apart. Their differences make sense as to why some people prefer Instagram Reels to TikTok, and vice versa. 

What’s the Difference? 

The biggest draw to TikTok is the fact that users can post about anything, from dancing to fitness to education, and more. This fun, entertaining app is most widely used among the Gen Z population and has given this, already tech-savvy, age group a new way of expressing themselves. However, many users are concerned TikTok could be coming to an end in the U.S. with the recent decision by the President to have it banned.

Instagram Reels’ big debut came first in Brazil in late 2019, but is now available in many other countries, including the U.S., on both iOS and Android. The biggest difference between the two brands is certainly their identity. Instagram Reels appeal to a wider and older audience, and offer content that isn’t just casual entertainment like TikTok, but more professional. 

The identities of TikTok and Instagram are their biggest contrast, however, they are both equally as influential. 

What are Instagram Reels? 

So what are Instagram Reels and how can you use them in your business and marketing strategy? We are here to help you answer those questions. 

As we said, Instagram Reels allow users to create short video clips and set them to music or other audio. From there, users can share their videos with either followers or the larger Instagram community through the Explore page. 

If you’ve already used TikTok, getting started on Instagram Reels will be a breeze. But even if you are new to the game, it will not be hard to learn. 

How you can leverage Instagram Reels

Major companies and brands have used Instagram Reels to market themselves. We have even seen famous people and influencers using this as a way to sell products and grow their following. 

If you already have an Instagram following, Instagram Reels are good news because they allow you to leverage the target audience you have already established to market in a new way. Like Instagram, the Reels feature gives you the ability to reach more people in a fun and creative way. 

There are several benefits and things to highlight within your business through Reels. To name a few: 

  • Showcase specials and sales
  • Promote content 
  • Show behind-the-scenes of an office or event 
  • Educating your audience 
  • Reach a diverse age group 

So while TikTok may not be an option for much longer, Instagram Reels have already proven a popular option for social media users and a beneficial tool to influencing your target audience! 

Give us a call today and let’s talk about your social media strategy!

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