There are many things people notice when they first step foot into our office at Dogwood whether it be the many large computer screens, the aesthetic brick wall, or basket of snacks (let’s be honest that’s what I first noticed). In reality, the life of Dogwood is probably different than many other offices and many other marketing agencies. 

You can only learn so much from a Facebook ad or Instagram feed, so we wanted to take some time to give you a look behind the scenes and a glimpse into the life of Dogwood Media Solutions. When you take away the giant computer screens, fancy technology and exit the google meet, who are we? 

We are a team

As we always tell people, Dogwood is made up of a group of people who are passionate about what they do and we love being able to help organizations in our community succeed. Each person in this group plays a specific role in helping this company provide the services and products we do. We value one another and push one another to do our best. There is a genuine desire to see growth in each individual. Sometimes that means challenging them because we know their potential, or just affirming when someone does a good job. And on occasion, that looks like bringing the office chicken biscuits when you know you’re running late.  

We are authentic 

One of our favorite things to do at Dogwood is laugh. Not one day goes by in this office when we are not making each other laugh and as Lauren has said “not just an obligatory chuckle at a lame joke like real belly laughter. My coworkers make me smile and that makes working here pretty dang cool!” 

Laughter is welcomed at Dogwood and this is cultivated by the authentic relationships built here. You are cared for as a person first and not just an employee, and that makes the biggest difference in feeling known and valued. Between memes, tik toks, and slack messages we have a pretty good time. 

We are there for you! 

Being a smaller, local, agency we get to wear many hats. We have had the opportunity to serve a wide variety of companies, big and small, in state and out of state. We help our clients with strategizing, website development and management, social media management, SEO, advertising, content development, branding, and even print. The list could go on, but the point is our team is made up of diverse individuals who are talented and able to shift gears and work in a variety of ways to help you succeed. 

Behind the giant computer screens is an office full of regular people who enjoy working together to leave our clients with more than a service, but a personal connection and friend as well! Be a part of the fun and let us help you today. 

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