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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work as a graphic designer in a marketing agency? Our graphic designer and creative director are the lifeblood behind so many of the incredible visuals connected to not only our own brand but our clients’ brands as well. From logo and web design to full-scale branding and social campaigns, they do it all! One unique part of being in an agency setting is that each day is a little different with different clients, projects, media, and formats. We sat down with our graphic designer, Nalin Crocker, and got her to give us the inside scoop on her role here at Dogwood.

What Does Your Job Entail?

I am a graphic designer with Dogwood! Every day I work alongside our digital media specialists to design different graphics for our various clients.

How Long Have You Been a Graphic Designer?

I’ve been doing graphic design for almost 10 years now! I decided to pursue a degree in graphic design when I wanted art and creativity to be a part of my life while also making sure I could find a job after graduation!

How Would You Describe Your Design Process?

First, I decide what direction I want the design to go. Does it need to be simple and modern or illustrative heavy? Does this design need to convey something fun or serious? From there, I find a few images that I place in an artboard where I’m working to make sure I stay on track while designing and then I just… go!

What is Your Favorite Kind of Project to Work On?

I really love branding projects! I love listening and studying different brands/businesses and then helping them hone in on how they want to portray themselves to people!

How Do You Overcome Creative Blocks?

I love scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration but when I need time away from a computer screen, I love spending time in design books and various magazines.

How Important is a Business’s Brand?

Branding is the first thing your potential customer/client experiences so it’s important to make a great first impression! The more cohesive and professional your branding is – the more serious other people will take you! 

What Are Your Favorite and Least Favorite Part of Your Job?

I love taking people’s ideas/concepts and bringing them to life through design! Sometimes I don’t like the amount of back and forth that is required to get to the final product. In an ideal world, I would get it exactly right the first time but that’s usually not the case – ha!

We love all the thought and care that Nalin and our creative team put into everything they do. If you’re looking to rebrand, create a new web design, or just want your printed and digital materials to look more professional, give us a call. The creative minds here at Dogwood are excited to work with you!

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