I’m always looking for ways to to increase Facebook likes and expand our audience…especially for free!

Here’s the scenario:

I occasionally will boost a Facebook post as part of an events marketing plan and budget. My normal strategy is to only spend $5 and target people who already like our page. It really helps our content to be seen by more people and truthfully is a model that Facebook is moving toward and has been well worth the small investment.

This isn’t to say that people don’t see our content when we don’t boost posts, but more people see it when we do. Also, more new people see it.

The magic begins when our audience then shares the content on their own page. I know that’s a pretty obvious goal but getting their friends to like the content is what creates the scenario I’m about to share.

The assumption for myself is that friends of people that like our page are most likely connected to us in some way and already know who we are. They just haven’t liked us yet and therefore aren’t receiving the great content that we are sharing daily. I want them in our community!!

Here’s what you do to get these people to like your page…invite them.

When someone likes your content it eventually changes to a number like this:

Quick Tip to Increase Facebook Likes 5


Click on the number and this box opens up (I added the arrow and blurred the names):

Quick Tip to Increase Facebook Likes 6


Notice how it shows the persons picture, name and their status in association with your page. Now all you have to do is click invite. They receive an invitation from your page to like it. Not everyone will like your page, but you are giving them the opportunity, the nudge to do so.

I go through all our posts from the past 10 days once a week as one of my weekly tasks. Every time I do this I see a bump in the amount of likes to our page…for free which is magic for me.

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