Reputation Management Now Available

Did you know that 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses? And within this group, a whopping 89% read business responses to these reviews.

Customer reviews have become increasingly important to every brand’s online presence. Brand responses are often just as important as reviews themselves, as they have proven to have a significant impact on customer perception and purchase decisions.

You might also be familiar with reputation management. This is a larger umbrella terminology for maintaining the consumer’s perception of a brand. It includes listings management, social media, search visibility, review marketing, and generation strategies as well, but review management is a key element. If you’re looking to start taking a more active role in your brand’s reputation management, having a review management strategy in place is an essential first step.

We can easily monitor and manage reviews across Facebook, Google My Business, and TripAdviser.

Prioritize and focus your strategy

As the importance of reviews continues to grow, consumer expectations for brand responsiveness are also increasing.

Use customer feedback

You can gain deeper insights about your customer community and identify trends related to your business performance. This information helps you create a better strategy to improve the customer experience, build brand loyalty, and drive more sales.

Displayed is a pie chart on statistics of  what wins back consumers after they see a negative social post or review of a brand.

What Wins Back Consumers After They See a Negative Social Post or Review of a Brand

Create your online reputation management strategy

Not sure where to start when it comes to review management? We’ll walk you through all the fundamentals of implementing a review management strategy for your brand.