Beth Gillem standing in downtown Montgomery

In this staff update, we have some changes that we want to make all of our clients aware of. They’re good changes – though changes nonetheless.

We are excited to announce that Beth Gillem who has previously served as a Digital Media Specialist has accepted a new role with us. Her new position is as our Client Experience Specialist.

So what exactly is a Client Experience Specialist?

Client Experience Specialists are product knowledge experts focused on serving our clients.

It’s widely known that it’s easier to keep clients than to bring new clients in. This is something we recognize and want to do a better job at. Maybe you’ve already received a call from Beth. That’s part of her role, to check in on you and make sure everything is going well. Already some of her calls have opened opportunities for us to help out clients during the global pandemic that we all are experiencing. 

Not only will she be checking in on you, but she’ll also be making sure you are aware of all we can do to help. We’re more than just a website building company. We’re a full-service agency with 9 staff members currently working for us. 

Beth is also going to be helping us with new product development, finding new clients, and continuing her work with running our social media for Dogwood.

Dogwood Expansion

All of this has been in the plan for a while now but we all got some news from Beth we weren’t expecting. Beth’s husband accepted a new position in The Shoals of North Alabama.

While we are sad that Beth will no longer be on staff in our office in downtown Montgomery, we are even more excited for Beth to lay the groundwork for opening up our second location in The Shoals. This includes Muscle Shoals, Florence, Sheffield, & Tuscumbia along with the smaller surrounding towns.  

It’s always been in our plan to continue growing with Montgomery as our main hub and remaining open for growth as it comes. We aren’t done yet and will continue to look for new opportunities to expand! 

Beth will be on the ground meeting with new businesses and organizations starting this summer. If you are in the Shoals area or know of a business we need to get in contact with – contact us so we can get Beth welcomed to the area in a good way.


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