If you manage a page on Facebook, you might be noticing some changes very soon. It’s not unusual for Facebook to make changes fairly frequently to try and up their game but it seems like this one might be a pretty big change. If you’d like to read all the details directly from Facebook you can click here, but we’re going to hit some of the high points.

First and foremost, do not panic! All your previously posted content, settings, and details will all move over seamlessly from the old Page to the new Page experience. However, there are several key differences about the new layout, one of those things being page likes.

Facebook Likes and Follows

Currently on Facebook Pages, if someone “likes” your page they also automatically become a “follower” of your page. By liking a page, you are stating that you are a fan of the page and what it represents. This stems from back in the earlier days of Facebook when people would like pages like Doritos or Nike to let others know that they liked those brands. To follow a page means that you want to see updates from that page on your timeline as they post.

With the current system by liking a page you are automatically listed as following the page as well, but you can go back and change the settings to no longer see posts from that page even if you still like them. However, the new Page experience will cut down on the confusion of all this. There will be no more page likes, only follows.

That being said, when your page switches over from the old Page setup to the new experience all of your followers will move over with you. However, if someone likes your page but does not follow your page then they will not be moved over. We suggest that you check to see how many people like your page vs how many people follow it to see what the difference in those numbers are. 

Admin Roles

Additionally, another unique thing that will be changing is how admin permissions are allocated. Currently, Facebook has 5 different page roles that a person can hold on your page. Those roles are admin, editor, moderator, advertiser, and moderator. Each role has a different tier of permissions for that page. With the new Page experience, there will only be two distinctions: Full Control and Partial Control.

For those with Full Control, they will in essence function the same way that the page “admin” did previously. Those with Partial Control will be given control of one or more of the aspects encompassed by the 4 other previous roles. The benefit to doing permissions this way is that you can mix and match the things that you want individuals to have control of. People with partial access can be given access to content, messages and community activity, ads, and/or insights.

Where to Manage Your New Page

No matter if your page is already swapped over to the new experience or not, you’ll still be able to manage it in all the same places you have before. You’ll be able to access and manage your page from your page profile, the business suite, creator studio, ads manager, and business manager. You’ll also be able to manage your linked Instagram accounts from these places as well.

Technology is constantly changing, sometimes quicker than anyone can be expected to keep up, but we at Dogwood want to help you match pace with those changes. Click here to read more about the upcoming page changes, and if you find yourself overwhelmed, we’d like to be the ones to help! Give us a call and let’s get the conversation started!

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