Dogwood is made up of a group of people who are passionate about what we do and love being able to help organizations in our community succeed. This is the story of us!

Brittany is our in house graphic designer. She’s a pro at designing flyers, digital graphics, magazines, billboards, or anything else you can think of! She is full of creativity and works hard at each project thrown her way. If she’s not working on a new design, she’s running around with her three little girls – Ella, Kate, and Nora. Her house is never quiet, we’re sure! We are so glad to have her as part of the Dogwood crew. 

Here is Brittany’s Story: 

Dogwood started the search for a graphic designer several months ago. Brian’s sister, Laura, taught Brittany’s girls in preschool and knew that she was a graphic designer, so she reached out and let her know about the position. A couple of interviews later and she accepted the position! 

When Brittany first started at Dogwood she said it didn’t take too long to recognize the welcoming nature of the company. Even as a new employee they took her into the fold and quickly made her part of the team. It wasn’t just coworkers they welcomed in either, but also clients. She enjoyed seeing the pride that each employee took in the work that they did for their clients! 

If Brittany had to describe the personality of Dogwood she could sum it up as “fun”. Whether it’s company outings or just middle of the day chit chats, the Dogwood crew knows how to work hard together and enjoy each other’s company while doing it. No day is boring at the office! 

“We enjoy helping our clients reach their goals and we have fun doing it.”

Brittany Bradley

Before coming to work at Dogwood Brittany spent several years doing design work on her own. At Dogwood she has loved being able to work alongside others! She has enjoyed learning new design techniques from our Creative Director, Thomas, and being able to bounce ideas off of other people. 

She says it would be hard to pick just one service that Dogwood offers to deem as the “most valuable.” She loves that at Dogwood we offer the full-service marketing experience. From branding to social media and everything in between, Dogwood can help you from start to finish with your marketing plan. 

She says that her favorite part of her job is not knowing what each week will look like! With the variety of clients that Dogwood has, she could be doing all sorts of things. Each day is a bit different! 

Funny Brittany Story 

On Brittany’s very first day in the office Matt, our project manager, assigned her the task to design a simple flyer. When she asked him for the specifics of what she needed to do, he simply responded with “make it suck less!” From that moment, she knew she was really going to enjoy working at Dogwood. 

Brittany is an incredible asset to the Dogwood team. Her design skills and dedication to her work doesn’t go unnoticed. As a client, you will see that Brittany pays careful attention to detail and works to ensure that she goes above and beyond the desires of the client. If you need help with branding or just need something designed, Brittany is your go-to gal! Get to know Brittany and get to know Dogwood! Give us a call today! 

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