The Story of Us – Derrick Mcmeans

Dogwood is made up of a group of people who are passionate about what we do and love being able to help organizations in our community succeed. This is the story of us!

Derrick is our Marketing Consultant. He is always working hard to build relationships in the community and form new partnerships with other businesses and organizations. He’s a strategic thinker that always goes above and beyond for his clients. Derrick is one of our newest employees and already fits in perfectly with the rest of the team! We are glad to have him at Dogwood! 

Here is Derrick’s Story: 

Derrick learned about Dogwood through a LinkedIn job listing. He was on the search for a new job and sent in his application to Brian early on the morning of June 18th. By 10:05 A.M., Brian had already responded (We don’t waste time at Dogwood!) Within a week Derrick met with Brian and Thomas. He says he could tell from the very beginning that they had a vision for the company, and he wanted to be part of it! 

The first thing that impressed Derrick about Dogwood was the company’s business model. It’s free-flowing and understanding. He was also impressed with how Dogwood has put stock in the people that they hire. They care about their people! 

If he had to describe the personality of Dogwood he would say that it’s a millennial-vibe. There is always fun to be had! Building relationships and putting family first is important, all while being productive. Dogwood doesn’t just care about the business. While that is incredibly important, they want the person to succeed first – both their clients and their employees. They are professional, but real people. If he had to sum it up in 3 words he would say that Dogwood is communal, thoughtful, and ambitious. 

Since being at Dogwood, Derrick says he has grown in both professional and personal ways. Professionally his negotiation and persuasive skills have been sharpened. Personally, the company has shown him the importance of making sure that his social life is in balance with his professional life. 

He feels that the most valuable service that the company offers is satisfaction. Whether you’re having a new website built, your social media is being run by our digital media specialists, or our graphic designers are creating you new printed materials – all we do is done with the desire to go above and beyond the satisfaction of the client. 

Funny Derrick Story

On June 25th Derrick was traveling to Atlanta to pick up a car. This was the day that he was supposed to hear something from Brian about whether or not he got the job at Dogwood! He was a little on edge, checking his phone throughout the day. Nothing was coming through – he felt like he was getting stood up!

On the way back home he had to pull off the road to fix a flat tire. While he was stopped he checked LinkedIn where he saw a message from Brian! He had been trying to contact him all day but had an old number. Derrick laughed and sent him the correct number. Immediately Brian called with good news – he got the job! All that worrying for nothing! 

Derrick is a hard worker and an awesome asset to the Dogwood team. If you’re curious if Dogwood can help you with your digital marketing strategy, Derrick is the guy to call. One of his favorite things that he does is auditing a client’s marketing situation and providing them with solutions. Derrick would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you and help your business rise above the noise on the web. Get to know Derrick and get to know Dogwood! Give him a call today!  

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