Dogwood is made up of a group of people who are passionate about what we do and love being able to help organizations in our community succeed. This is the story of us!

Emily is one of our Digital Media Specialists at Dogwood! She has several clients for whom she works tirelessly and she also manages our own Dogwood social media platforms. Don’t worry, we didn’t make her write or post about herself. I (Lauren) am taking over for her today!

Emily is a proud native of Headland, Alabama, and moved to Montgomery after marrying her husband Brannon in December of 2019. She is a hard worker, has the biggest heart, loves her family and Jesus, and never fails to make us laugh! We’re so thankful to have her as a part of our Dogwood family.

Here is Emily’s Story:

Emily was finishing up her time at Troy University and was preparing to get married and move to Montgomery where Brannon had just gotten a job. She asked some of her Montgomery connections to keep an eye out for any potential job opportunities and that’s how she got connected with Brain. A mutual friend asked Brian if he would mind letting Emily come and talk to the team just to give her some tips and tricks for finding a job in the communications field.

That meeting was not supposed to be an interview, but we liked Emily so much we decided to keep her. She left that day with a part-time job offer and hasn’t looked back! She worked part-time until the end of 2019 and once she was married and graduated, she came on as a full-time Digital Media Specialist.

From that very first conversation, Emily says she could tell that each employee at Dogwood genuinely loved their job and each other.

“There was a family nature about this company that I was super attracted to! I loved their dynamic.”

Since being at Dogwood, Emily has learned a lot not only professionally but personally. As she says, Dogwood is her first “big girl” job and because of that, she’s grown a lot. She’s learned about time management, client relationships, the importance of clear communication, as well as how to adapt to changing situations. On a personal note, she’s learned that work doesn’t have to be something you dread, but something you enjoy!

“Every employee at Dogwood works at Dogwood because they love it. While work is still work, there is a true heart behind the work that we do. I’ve loved learning that you can and should love what you do.”

According to Emily, Dogwood is unlike any other business she’s ever experienced. While there’s obviously a serious and professional side there’s also a warmth and genuineness that makes work fun. Emily says that if Dogwood was a person, they would be someone genuine who wants to walk alongside you, get to know you, and see you succeed. To sum it up in three words, Dogwood is genuine, dedicated, and skilled!

When asked what the most valuable service Dogwood offers is, Emily of course said Social Media Management. Having someone who creates a strategy, designs content, and follows up on engagement is incredibly valuable to the often overloaded business owner. However, she also said that no matter what you need for your business,  Dogwood offers it all.

Funny Emily Story

One of our catchphrases at Dogwood is that everything we do is made with heart or made with love (depends on who you ask). So, more than a year ago we created branded stress balls in the shape of hearts that had our logo and information on them. We must have ordered a lot of them because a solid 20 or so are still floating around the office and are now used as projectiles to get a co-worker’s attention when needed.

One day, Brian and Matt thought it would be funny to ambush Emily as she came down the hallway and peg her with as many stress balls as possible. As she walked around the corner, she was greeted by 5 or 6 hearts hurtling towards her. She laughed and took it in stride but decided that as she left, she would get them back.

As she gathered up her things and walked towards the door, she grabbed a heart and flew back around the corner to sneak attack them! Unfortunately, Thomas’s head got in the way and instead of pegging Matt, she smacked Thomas right in the face with a stress ball. His super chill response was simply, “well ow!” We all laughed until we cried, and Emily of course apologized profusely. It was honestly one of the most hilarious things that has ever happened in the office.

As you can tell, we like to have fun, but we also love to work hard for our customers! Dogwood offers more than just the services listed on our website. We provide real people that work with you and for you. We will work hard and will do what it takes to see you succeed.

“You really couldn’t find another better marketing solution than Dogwood Media Solutions.”

We’re so thankful for all the skill and joy that Emily brings to our office! She is an incredible digital media specialist who pays attention to every detail of how her clients are being presented online. She goes above and beyond what she’s been asked to do every time. If you need help figuring out how to get started in the digital marketing world Emily would be a great person to contact! Get to know Emily and get to know Dogwood! Give us a call and let’s get started!

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