Dogwood is made up of a group of people who are passionate about what we do and who love being able to help organizations in our community succeed. This is the story of us!

Thomas Jones is one of the co-owners of Dogwood Media Solutions. He and Brian have built an incredible business together. Thomas is the Creative Director of Dogwood and handles all things design. He is always dreaming up something big and beautiful and bringing it to life whether it’s a logo, website design, or a piece of printed material. Thomas takes his time on every project and is careful to pay attention to every single detail. We are so thankful for his leadership at Dogwood! 

Here is Thomas’ Story: 

Thomas started his design career at Troy University with a focus in Graphic Design. He was blessed with some fantastic teachers. One of which was Ed Noriega who played a major role in how Thomas viewed pushing himself as a designer. He impressed upon him the absolute necessity for excellence in design work, including always pushing to put that little bit of extra thought into anything being creating.

“ If the content is King, concept is Queen. That singular focus on the why of the design still influences every decision that I still make as a creative director at Dogwood.”

Thomas Jones

For nearly his entire time in college, he worked in a print shop, Ideal Graphics (Just like Matt!) This time was some of the most formative time he has had in his working life. In a print shop, you have to work at a blistering pace, can’t afford mistakes, and get to learn how to get to the heart of what a particular client is asking for. Thomas says he wholeheartedly recommends any aspiring designers out there to start in a similar environment, if for nothing else than to solidify your own understanding of what’s good, and why. 

His next step along the road was making the transition from the more or less physical world of print design to the digital world of web design. In 2015 around the time he was getting ready to finish up school, and freshly married to his beautiful wife, Jessica, he was afforded the opportunity to go to work for Alabama Interactive. Being the more or less broke college kid he was at the time, Thomas jumped at the chance for an exciting new professional step. 

He had a degree of web design experience from his own projects, and some freelance work over the years, but making that transition really put his feet to the fire, and took everything he knew from graphic design and added new dimensions of getting his design work to translate into code, and how to make it usable and accessible to everyone.  

Fast forward 3 years into working there and he was doing some freelance work at nights to cover the costs of a new baby, helping whoever needed it with their websites. Thomas wound up doing some freelance work with Brian Harris who, as you know, ran Harris Media Solutions at the time. They had both attended the same church previously so had some connection through working on the production team there for a while. After a few months, Brian and Thomas were working together on most of their projects. 

Near the end of 2018 they sat down and talked about starting a joint venture. Dogwood was formed sitting at Bibb Street Pizza in downtown Montgomery as a different kind of creative agency that would be focused on personalized services that can meet almost any need a client could come to us with. 

Since starting the journey of Dogwood Media, Thomas has been pushed in many ways. This includes learning to make a real effort to have a more decisive voice in client meetings and growing in how to think more big picture in terms of what is good for the business and it’s direction. He has made it his personal goal to never rest on what Dogwood has built so far, but to continually push the business forward little by little, day by day, and to be the best creative agency that our clients have ever worked with. 

As the creative director and one of the co-owners, Thomas gets to see all sides of the business. From his different vantage points, he is continually impressed by the collective experience that our team offers. Everyone has multiple skills and they are encouraged to explore using them in order to push the business in new directions. If he had to sum up the personality of Dogwood, he would say it is an eclectic mix of all sorts of different people working to provide unique twists on services most people don’t think could be outsourced. As a company, Thomas says Dogwood is relatable and approachable. 

If you were to ask Thomas what he believes is the most valuable service that Dogwood offers is, he would say our consulting. Being able to easily get in touch with Dogwood and ask for advice and recommendations for projects that draw from our extensive collected experience in creative fields he thinks is invaluable to clients. 

Thomas is truly one of the best in the business. He is a huge asset to the leadership of Dogwood. He keeps everyone laughing, is kind to all, and is one the hardest workers you could meet. That’s truly what we hope to give you at Dogwood – an experience like none other from the top down. As Thomas said, you can always find 3 things at Dogwood – opportunity, quality, and flexibility.

We hope this gave you a better look at the heart of Dogwood. If you get to know Thomas, you truly get to know Dogwood. Give us a call to get started on your project, and see for yourself the difference a different sort of creative agency can make for your business!

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