Dogwood is made up of a group of people who are passionate about what we do and love being able to help organizations in our community succeed. This is the story of us!

Tim is one of Dogwood’s web designers and is super talented at what he does. He is passionate about his job and works hard to always make sure clients are pleased. Outside of working hours, you can find him hanging with his wife and their cats, traveling around photographing weddings or sipping some hot coffee. We are so thankful to have him as part of our team! 

Tim’s Story:

Tim got his start at Dogwood in the midst of a global pandemic, so it was an interesting journey, to say the least. During quarantine, he began to process what he really wanted to do and what he wanted to be. Through a mutual connection, he learned of an opening that we had at Dogwood and the rest was history. With a background in web development, eCommerce, and photography he knew he wanted to find a job that allowed him to do all three. Dogwood was the perfect fit! 

Dogwood is known for its first impressions! When Tim first started hanging out around the office he was impressed with how personal everyone is. His former work environments were either far too formal or extremely casual. 

“Dogwood felt just like people who were passionate about their work and who also felt like people. It was very refreshing and welcoming in a work environment.” 

Tim Enkeboll

Since being at Dogwood, Tim says he’s learned “a thing or two.” Professionally he’s learned how to improve his problem-solving abilities, how to more effectively communicate with clients over calls and emails, and how to manage workflows effectively. In a more personal way, he has seen growth in time management skills, separating out space for work and space for leisure, and has found a fonder appreciation of the little things. 

Tim describes the personality of Dogwood as outgoing creatives who want to help others tell their story. Everyone is super personable, friendly and genuinely cares about those they interact with.  If he had to sum it up in three words he would say, “outgoing, friendly and efficient.”

Funny Tim Story: 

“I brought my wife to work one day just for fun. She sat with me at my desk and stole the wifi and enjoyed the bbq lunch. 10/10 would recommend.”

Tim Enkeboll

Tim is a huge asset to our team from building stellar websites to taking incredible photos, and we are so glad to have him! He puts his all into whatever project he is asked to be a part of and has a keen eye for detail. If you need a new site, or maybe just a refresh, he is your go-to guy. Get to know Tim and you’ll get to know Dogwood! Give us a call and let’s get started.

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