At Dogwood we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting things in the world of design. It’s important to stay up to date with industry trends and styles. We want to love the work we do so we study the designs people love. Here are a few recent unique design projects we love. 

Unique Design Projects Using Type That Moves 

Bright colors, playful type, motion design. This collaboration between Dotto and Motion Buff exudes energy and excitement. Kinetic typography is always a go-to approach to communicate, but these studios take it to a new level by animating pre-existing typography posters to take something that was already beautiful and fresh and push it even farther. We love a collaboration that implements the strengths and skills of both teams. 

 Unique Design Projects We Love 1

Tacoma Arts Live Wayfinding System

In 2018, ThoughtMatter created a branding system for the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Seattle. They were reinvented as Tacoma Arts Live, re-established themselves in the Seattle Metropolitan Area, and saw exponential growth. 

We love their rebrand from 2018. But what we love today is the new wayfinding system they designed as an addition to their branding. 

The clean and simple red lines, the use of the logo shape as direction indicators, the tie-in of the “Find Your Spark” tagline to help people legitimately find their way around the neighborhood. Its simplicity and brand consistency make it effective and clever. It’s truly a rebrand with legs to go even farther over time.

Jow Rebrand

Jow is a grocery delivery service based in France, soon to launch in the U.S. Avoiding grocery stores at all costs is not the only thing we love about this rebrand by &Walsh. 

The warm color palette, the custom curly type, the simple shapes, the vintage table cloth inspired textures and backgrounds. Everything about this rebrand screams “I love cooking this nice warm meal with the groceries that were delivered straight to my nice warm home with my Netflix fireplace video crackling in the background” 

The thing we love most about this rebrand is the tagline, “We don’t do perfect, we do possible.” The simplicity of the design, messaging, color palette, shapes, and even the short, three letter name, directly reflect the simplicity of the service provided. We love continuity.

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 Unique Design Projects We Love 16

Space Force Website Design

GSD&M designed an incredibly interactive website for the US Space Force. From the high tech themed loading screen, the subtle animations (check out the logo in the top left corner), even the sound effects throughout the entire site, there’s really nothing we don’t love about it. Even the careers page has an interactive skills rating system to help recruits identify which position at Space Force would be best for them.

The entire site feels like a virtual experience. It’s as if you’re being digitally launched into space rather than viewing it through a screen. It really nails the “Future is Now” vibes quite nicely.

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 Unique Design Projects We Love 17
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 Unique Design Projects We Love 18

BOUNDLESS at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Being located near Montgomery, AL, we have to show off the design we love that’s right down the road. The Montgomery Museum of Fine Art’s new exhibit, BOUNDLESS, features the work of six different artists creating installations using everyday objects and traditional materials. 

We specifically love this installation by Jamele Wright, Sr. entitled Roberta’s Song. Named after his grandmother, who is a Montgomery native. There’s even a Spotify playlist that goes along with the installation. The colors, the materials, the textures. All put together in such a unique way. We love the creativity and diversity we find at the MMFA!

 Unique Design Projects We Love 9
 Unique Design Projects We Love 19

In order to stay on our a-game we’re always looking at and researching great examples of unique design projects we love. Just as none of these projects are the same yet never the less impactful, we know that every project we take on requires a different voice and a different approach. What examples of great design have you seen recently? We hope maybe it’s one of our projects and you didn’t even know! If there’s any way that we at Dogwood can work with you to make your design dreams a reality, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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