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Did you know we provide a white label service from Dogwood? A white label service is a service by one company that another company rebrands as if they had made it.

We are a digital marketing agency. Our focus is on building quality websites and guiding clients through a plethora of digital marketing tools.

Some of these include:

  • social media marketing
  • search engine marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • content management
  • graphic design
  • blog writing

We’ve found that some agencies aren’t focused in this direction. For example, you’ve worked with clients on print, radio, and tv campaigns. At one time, this was a full-service agency. In today’s age though you are missing out on opportunities to deepen your relationship with the client.

You’re left with a few choices:

  • Pretend everything’s ok.
  • Hire people for positions that you may not fully understand or without a current revenue stream to support.
  • Lose your clients to a larger full-service agency.
  • Partner with a digital marketing agency that will act on your behalf, white labeling their services under your brand.

How this works with us is you retain your clients. We partner with you under your brand to provide the services we are good at. You continue to provide the services you already have.

Part of our service is that we agree to not pursue your clients. After all, we are partners and that would just be weird. Plus, we don’t offer all the things you offer. We know we’re better together.

We offer our white label service rates at a level where there is still room for you to make a profit.

There are additional benefits that we can discuss in person with our partners including free services and market exclusivity based on our level involvement in your business.

So, the next step, just like any first date, let’s talk on the phone or grab a cup of coffee together. Contact us and we’ll work out the date and time together.


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