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Social media can be like a puzzle. Some people will spend their day trying to figure it out, do their best, and then walk away sometimes having never figured it out. Some look at it and don’t even try. Some seek help from those that work on this ever-changing puzzle each day.

If you’re struggling with your social presence these days, you aren’t alone. A lot of businesses have their hands full when it comes to it and customer expectations. In fact, look at what some of their typical top goals are:

Why Hire a Social Media Agency? 1

With so many goals and a moving target, it’s no wonder why businesses are looking for helping hands who’ve walked the walk on social media.

That’s where Dogwood Media Solutions can be a lifesaver.

Why Hire Us As Your Social Media Agency?

Not every business can take care of social media in-house and hey, that’s totally OK. We’ll share 3 ways we can fill in gaps or level up your strategy when it comes to social media and your business goals:

1. We have experts on staff

Dogwood is capable of running campaigns and providing a level of knowledge that simply isn’t possible in-house for most companies. We have a proven track record of running social ads which gives us a definite edge on someone learning the ropes of Facebook’s in-depth ad-targeting.

That sort of expertise is what you’re paying for.

Social media is so much more than clever captions and chasing the white rabbit of “going viral”. The fine details of social algorithms, audience segmentation and analytics alone require some serious knowledge to navigate. Again, that’s the benefit of hiring someone who’s been there and done that.

2. We have access to top-tier tools

At Dogwood we use a tool called Sprout Social. It helps us to manage multiple schedules, analyze post times, monitor conversations, and provide visual reports that show you what worked and didn’t. Simply put – it’s not an inexpensive tool, but because we work with so many clients on social media – it is totally worth the expense.

Why Hire a Social Media Agency? 2

3. We can juggle multiple campaigns at once

Time is money.

Dogwood has the bandwidth to run multiple campaigns at once that could otherwise bog down your team internally. By working with us, you can make better use of your team’s time and get more done with the people you already have.

Currently, on our team of 6, only one of our staff has nothing to do with social media. That’s a huge amount of energy dedicated to helping your business.

How do I know if I need help with Social Media?

You might be wondering whether you’re “big enough” to work with us. On the flip side, you might assume that doing so is simply out of your budget.

The reality, though? Just as no two business’ needs are the same, there is no “one-size-fits-all” in terms of what we can do for you.

We work with both companies big and small. From community management or social content creation to a one-off social audit.

Here are some questions to ask that can help you understand whether working with us makes sense.

  • Do you need a fresh perspective and expertise to help define your social media goals and campaign strategy?
  • Are you struggling to grow your social following or engagement rate?
  • Are you failing to see a clear, definable return on investment (ROI) for your social media presence?
  • Do you suspect that you’re spending too much time or money in-house on social media?
  • Are you capable of sourcing leads from social media but aren’t sure how to close them?
  • Do you have a sizable budget for social media internally but aren’t sure how to maximize it?

If “yes” to any of the above, it might be time to explore what we have to offer. Contact us so we can get started!



Insights, graphics and some content courtesy of our partners at Sprout Social.

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