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Being a “people person,” connecting with people comes naturally and is something I genuinely enjoy getting to do. At Dogwood that looks like getting to know each of our individual clients, their unique needs, challenges, and ways that we can help them. Getting to know your audience is more than just creating a positive experience for them though. Today I wanted to highlight some of the reasons it is vital for any business, big or small, to know who they are speaking to both online and in person.

Let’s look at some reasons why knowing and understanding your audience is of utmost importance. 

Knowing What to Say to your Audience

No successful communication or marketing strategy happens without first identifying who the audience is. Think about when you send an email or even a simple text message. Who you are communicating with determines what you will say and how you will say it. When you know your audience, your message is more likely to resonate with them and, as a result, produce more customer loyalty and boost sales. 

Regularly posting on social media or sending out a newsletter can be hard enough for businesses, but it can be even more difficult when you’re at a loss for words. Knowing who you are speaking to when you put a message out there will be the first step to strategically marketing to the audience in front of you. 

To Know How to Sell to Them

Just like any other marketing technique, knowing your audience will help you to better sell your product or services. With the technology available today, decision-makers can look at current data to analyze what their audiences are thinking and how they are responding. Digital marketing isn’t a one-way line of communication, but a way to gain feedback and helpful insight into better communication and sales tactics based on who is seeing your messages. 

For example, if you see that one of your posts has gotten 30% more responses and clicks from audience members than your other posts then you are able to better understand what your audience likes and the content or products they want to see. What may seem like a small detail can end up having a huge impact on your company’s sales simply by knowing your audience and making your services audience-specific.  

Know Your Audience To Grow Your Business

This leads me to my last point: growing your business. As humans, we want to be seen, known, understood, and heard. Putting in the effort to know your clients in this way makes it easy to cultivate loyal and consistent customers who will recommend you to others. Your audience will continue to stick around when the content they are looking for is provided to them and their needs are being met. And when your audience is satisfied they will also be more likely to talk about your brand and recommend you to a friend. 

It may seem simple and that’s because it is! But you will not keep loyal audience members around without that crucial piece of knowing them, knowing their challenges, and offering specific solutions to benefit them. If you can understand them and meet these individuals where they are, we are sure that your business will grow with it! 

Maybe you’ve never considered your brand’s audience before, and that’s ok. It’s never too late to invest in knowing and understanding who that is and how to best reach them. As you can see, learning will only allow you to create more relevant and targeted content for them. If we can help you in any way, reach out to our team today! Most importantly, start small, communicate often, and keep seeking to know your audience. 

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