5 Types of Google Ad Campaigns

5 Types of Google Ad Campaigns 1

There are many types of Google Ad campaigns to choose from for your digital marketing strategy. There are pros and cons of each depending on your goal. Let’s look at the 5 main types of Google Ad campaigns and which would be a good fit for your business.  Google Search Ads Search ads are a […]

A Facebook Advertising Crash Course

A Facebook Advertising Crash Course 2

A lot of businesses as they get started are looking for tips for Facebook Advertising and we are here to help! Most likely the majority of your growth so far has come from word-of-mouth advertising. You’re offering a quality product or service, so people are eating it up and telling their friends. Because of this, […]

All About Google Ad Campaigns

google ad campaigns

Advertising on Google can be intimidating but can also be very worthwhile for your business. In today’s blog, we are sharing the basics of Google Ad Campaigns to hopefully ease your fears about diving into the wonderful world of digital marketing. Would google ads be a good fit for your marketing strategy? Learn more and […]

Why a Facebook Pixel is Essential for Your Site

facebook pixel

Have you ever heard of a Facebook pixel? This past weekend I experienced one in action. I visited a website looking for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding. I added one to my cart but did not complete the sale. Later that night when I browsed Facebook, an ad for the very website […]

Case Study: Targeted Digital Marketing

digital marketing case study

Overview: Targeted digital marketing strategies were used as an outreach tool for a local church whose goal was to make new military families aware of their church and programs. Dogwood Media Solutions created a landing page on their website and targeted ads to accomplish this. Client: Vaughn Forest Church, Montgomery, Alabama Goal: To make new […]

Dogwood Achieves Google Partner Status

Google Partner Badge

Dogwood Media Solutions is proud to announce that we have achieved Google Partner status. From the beginning, this was a goal that we have intentionally sought to achieve and as of this month were awarded.  Google describes the Google Partners program as a “marketing program for advertising agencies or third-parties that manage Google Ads accounts […]

The Power of Good Facebook Ads

The Power of Good Facebook Ads 3

Advertising on Facebook isn’t just limited to boosting your most recent post. Facebook ads system can deliver your message in multiple ways across their platforms and others. Considering Facebook is currently the third most popular site to visit (only beaten by Google and YouTube), you’ll want to take advantage of these tips I’m sharing with […]

Google Ads: No they are not those “Pop-Ups”

Google Ads: No they are not those “Pop-Ups” 4

I will admit when I first heard talk here at Dogwood about “google ads” I kind of cringed. I imagined those awful pop-ups that interrupt you when reading a website. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to pay for those things and why we would promote them. Well, I was right and I was […]