We Are a Bunch of Creative Minds, Creating Our Dreams!

Here at Dogwood, it’s all about the journey. Yours. Your user’s. Ours.

Since inception, a few core principles have guided those journeys:

  • Be nice.
  • Stay accountable.
  • Amaze clients.
  • Get creative.
  • Embrace technology.
  • Have fun along the way.
Crew 1

Brian Harris

Partner | Business Manager

Business Development

Social Media Marketing

Website Creation

Search Engine Optimization

Community Outreach

Pay Per Click

Crew 2

Thomas Jones

Partner | Creative Director

Web Design & Development

Graphic Design

Branding Design

Ad Creation

Art Direction

Slack Lord

Crew 3

Matt Wheeler

Project Manager

Project Management

Content Management

Web Design

New Client Onboarding

#1 Employee

Director of Print Operations

Crew 4

Lauren Cumbie

Digital Media Specialist

Social Media Management

Content Production

Content Curation

#2 Employee

Ad Creation

Second Shortest

Crew 5

Emily Jones

Digital Media Specialist

Content Production

Public Relations

Social Media Management

Content Curation

Event Management

Not Related to Thomas

Crew 6

Nick Wells

Digital Media Specialist

Web-site Design

Content Editing

Tech Consultations


Motion Graphics Creation

Has the most toys

staff headshot of Beth Gillem

Beth Gillem

Client Experience Specialist

Product Knowledge Expert

Client Service

Product Development


Content Production

Plant and Greenery Manager

Crew 7

Brittany Bradley

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design


Logo Design


All the Flyers

Daughter of “The” Bobby McClure
Crew 8

Jesse Jones

Systems Administrator

Update Plugins

Maintain Servers

Run Backups

IT Support

Content Editing

“Sys admin” /s