If you’ve ever tried to manage social media for a business, non-profit, or organization, then I’m sure you quickly realized that it would be nearly impossible to post manually and do it well every day. This realization often leads people to look for some kind of social media management tool that can save them time and also take their social media presence to the next level. The problem is, the tools that are out there are generally either expensive or too limited.

We came across the same problem as we worked our way through some of the most popular management systems. Hootsuite is relatively cheap but not great for collaboration or creating continuous content. Sprout Social is an amazing tool but costs you an arm, leg, and your firstborn. While we understand that you get what you pay for, but we also never want price to be a reason that a business can’t level up their marketing game. That’s where Sycamore Social comes in.

We took the things we loved about the other tools, improved on the things we didn’t, and created Sycamore Social.

What is Sycamore Social?

Sycamore Social is a Social Media Management tool that is easy to use, great for collaboration and continuous scheduling, and won’t break the bank! For just $75 a month you get access to all the great features of Sycamore as well as unlimited users and unlimited social profiles. If you have a team of 5 people who work on your social media and you have 4 Facebook pages, 2 Instagram accounts, and a Twitter, you still only pay $75 a month.

Just to compare, if you wanted to have 5 people and 7 profiles on Hootsuite, you’d be paying $599 a month. Even if you bumped it down to 3 users, you’d still be paying $129 a month. If those same 5 team members wanted to be in Sprout Social and you wanted to have all 7 of your profiles in the system, you’d be paying $745 a month and you still wouldn’t have access to all the features they have to offer.

The Perks

On top of having unlimited users and unlimited profiles we also have some incredible features that will help you work smarter instead of harder!

Several of those features are included in our content creation and specifically in captions. Sycamore Social enables you to create platform-specific captions. Remember all those times that you had to make two separate posts for Facebook and Twitter because you had to change your caption to fit within Twitter’s character limit? Or maybe you were the person who just let your Facebook captions take a bit of a hit to save some time. Either way, you won’t have to do that anymore! Create different captions for each platform all in one place.

With Sycamore Social, it’s also never been easier to share your content with users and non-users to work collaboratively and get approvals from the correct people. This feature ensures that your message is on-brand every time. You’ll be able to share content, get feedback, and maintain consistent messaging with ease.

One more of the many notable features of Sycamore is our social inbox! In the social inbox, all of your DMs, comments, and mentions are aggregated into one place. From there you can reply, give them a like, and mark them off your list. If a message comes in that you’re not sure how to answer, just assign it to the user you know does have the answer and move on down the list. Easy. Simple. Affective.

There’s so much more that we could say about Sycamore Social but to keep it simple it’s cost-effective, powerful, and user-friendly. If you’re curious about Sycamore, click here, and set up a free consultation. We’d love to talk to you about how Sycamore Social can help take your social media to the next level!

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