Someone asked me the other day – “So what does Jesse Jones do for Dogwood?”.

It was a great question and one I realized we never mentioned when he was hired. 

To explain what he does, I feel like I should take one step back and tell you why we created his position. 

It all goes back to hosting. We love WP Engine. Seriously. 

WPEngine is the system that we’ve tried to find alternatives to, we’ve tried to tear apart, and a comparison simply doesn’t exist. We have over 150 sites currently with them if that speaks even more volume to how much we depend on them.

All this to say – not everything is always perfect! 

We’ve never had a set plan for updating plugins and updating themes. They’ve normally happened at least monthly but not on a set plan. WP Engine introduced its Smart Plugin Manager. We thought it would be a valuable addition that would allow us to ensure the clients on our servers that their sites were staying updated.

It went really well until it didn’t. 

One night we received notifications from about 30 sites that had failed updates. The plugin was supposed to automatically revert the site when this happened. It didn’t. 2 am and our project manager Matt Wheeler was fixing sites. 

We had this happen in smaller terms before this but simply could not have this happen again. 

We cut it off and decided that our clients’ sites were more important than automation. This was a service that we need a real person to do. That real person is Jesse Jones.

Jesse weekly physically runs a backup of your site (this is in addition to the automatic one that happens each night). After the backup is run, he updates the plugins and themes and then does a comparison of the site pre and post update to make sure nothing broke. If it does, he’s there and fixes it. 

We still charge the same for hosting. It starts at $30 a month or $300 a year for a basic website. Yes, it’s more than other hosts, but you are getting daily backups, a free security certificate, object caching, and Jesse updating your site weekly. 

When you look at the full value of hosting with us – we believe it’s quite a bargain. We’d love to host your WordPress site. It doesn’t even have to be something we built. 

Contact us to get the conversation started.

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