Make the most of your blog posts or any long content piece by repurposing your content. Today you will hear from Dogwood’s digital marketing experts to help you learn the best practices for repurposing your content. You can turn 1 blog post into 6 or more social media posts. Work smarter, not harder!

Write a Great Blog

Begin with a well-written piece of content. Position yourself as the expert in your field. Connect with your audience by including your personal experience. Make sure the content is at least 300 words and optimize it for search engines by using SEO best practices for blog writing. Publish your blog and share it on your social media platforms. If you use AI-generated content, be sure to revise it, make it your own voice, and add personal insight. Finally, write an enticing caption for your social media platforms along with the link. 

Tips for Writing Great Captions for Social Media

Don’t just share the link to your blog alone. The better choice is to share the link with a great caption that encourages clicks to read. Our Marketing Strategist, Jessica Head, shares this advice on writing great captions on social media. 

“Crafting great captions is all about capturing attention! Grab the reader’s eye by delivering a punchy quote or hard-hitting stat in the first sentence. Your goal is to pique your followers’ interest from the get-go, so they’re more likely to read your entire caption and engage with your post.”

Repurposed Content: Graphic Quote(s)

Read your blog post again. Pull out a few sentences that have the most impact and position you as the expert. Create a graphic in Canva or another design app highlighting the quote. To keep from having to make different graphics for Facebook and Instagram, create your graphic in a 1080 x 1080 pixel format. This also helps your brand look cohesive across platforms. If you have several sentences that build on each other, consider a carousel of graphics. 

Dogwood’s Graphic Designer, Lizzy Bigelow, shared this great wisdom on creating graphic quotes. 

“Always keep text to a minimum and images or illustrations simple. This doesn’t have to mean boring but you want it to be easily digestible and eye-catching. Even for an infographic, keep information broken into small chunks. With this being said, I like to embrace negative space and keep at least 1/3 of the graphic well-balanced open space without text. Remember- you can always include more info in the caption! 

I like to always include a logo on a graphic. Graphics are content meant to be shared so when it gets out of context or shared on a story you want it to be easily identified as your brand.

Carousel posts can be really engaging if done right. If your goal is to share images as opposed to a text graphic, keep in mind basic principles of design and refrain from making these posts too chaotic.

When creating content, just think about the kind of thing you are drawn to and like to share! Things that look cool or provide value to you in another way like quotes or helpful tips will do well.”

To sum up:

  • Keep text to a minimum and images simple. 
  • Include your logo.
  • Keep one-third of the graphic as open space to balance the text

Repurposing Your Content: Infographics

If your content has several great points or is in a how-to style format, it is very easy to turn into a beautiful infographic. Infographics are powerful marketing tools and can share your message differently.  Canva offers many design choices in easy-to-edit formats. Be sure to include the web address of the blog at the bottom and recall the advice from our graphic designer above: Keep your information in short chunks with space in between. Don’t crowd the infographic too much! 

Here is an example of an infographic based on the content of this blog in an infographic from Canva. We made sure to use Dogwood’s brand colors and fonts.

Repurposing Your Content -- Turn 1 Blog into 6+ Social Media Posts 1

Repurposing Content: Engagement Content

When posting to Instagram, it is important to utilize the platform to the fullest. If you want the broadest reach you must post in all the places your audience hangs out. This means posting on your regular feed, posting in stories, (save the story to your highlights!), and posting a reel. 

To amplify your engagement, our Marketing Strategist Bekah Gordon shared these words of wisdom: 

I think your approach to engagement on social posts depends on what kind of engagement you’re looking to gain. If you want people to share your content, then reels, quote graphics, or infographics are great options. If you want people to comment on your content, then asking questions requiring answers beyond yes or no is a great option. Even better is if you ask a question with an either/or answer such as: “When is it okay to decorate for Christmas? Before or after Thanksgiving?” Or a question that people have passionate opinions on such as: “What is the best Christmas Carol?”

Stories are also a great place to grab engagement! In stories, you can create polls, sliders, and quiz questions. These are especially great tools to use while posting during an event. A quick idea for an event story post is to ask a question and direct people to a place or person to find to give the answer for a small prize. People will keep checking your stories to engage because we all love winning something no matter how small!

Repurposing Content: Videography

Video content is still strong after its rise during the pandemic. While video was once primarily used by large companies, social media platforms, and simple but advanced editing tools have allowed every size of business to utilize video in their marketing strategy. Studies show that there is no “one size fits all” approach to video marketing but video marketing in general shows great results. Here are a few ways to use videography when repurposing your content. 

Longer Video

Record a video of you or another employee talking about the blog content. Be sure to include captions, a link to the blog, and a downloadable transcript if possible. Share the video on YouTube. Then share the Youtube link on social media. Be sure to write an engaging caption and description! Recording a longer video first may seem like more work but editing capabilities today have made it simple to pull smaller segments out for more content!

Shorter Video Clips

Remember those great quotes you pulled from your content for graphic quotes? Either edit a clip from the longer video you already created or make a shorter video of you or another employee with one of those great quotes as your talking point. This video is primarily intended for Instagram reels, Insta-stories, Facebook reels, and TikTok if applicable. 30-second videos and videos up to 3 minutes seem to be the sweet spot with shorter video clips. 

Reels and Stories are easily edited in the Instagram app. Canva also has a reel editing feature that includes many preset templates to really make your reel fun! 

Repurposing Content: Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to get in front of another audience and just talk about what you know. Record a quick podcast discussing your blog content. Be sure to include a link to the blog in the show notes and share the podcast announcement on all your social media profiles. 

Dogwood Media Solutions + Content Marketing

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of repurposing content, let the professionals at Dogwood Media Solutions. Our marketing strategists can write a great blog post and then repurpose that content to showcase your expertise in your field. Contact us today to learn more! 

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