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With so many people at home and with time to spare, we are all spending more time on social media than before. In fact social media use is up at least 20% since the Covid-19 lockdown. Many business owners are struggling to find content to share. We want to help! 


Listed below are 15 ideas for social media content.  


Some Tips Before We Begin…


Being authentic on social media has always been important but if you want your audience to connect with you, you must be relevant and real. Before composing any of these posts, think of how the quarantine has impacted you and your business (both positively or negatively) and factor that into what you write. 


Sometimes it helps to take a step back from your page and re-evaluate what you have been posting. There is a fine line between being a “debbie downer” and sharing your view of how life is happening to you. Be sure you are not complaining on your posts. In the same vein, make sure you are not overly posting “happy-go-lucky” on your page. Things are hard for everyone right now and acknowledging that to your audience can help you make real connections. 


Sprout Social has studies social media analytics and recently shared the trends regarding covid-19 over the past 3 months. In January as news of the virus began to spark conversation through March when we found our country suffering from a pandemic and sheltering in place, social media talk shared two main subjects: the virus and hope. Our nation talked and talked about the changes happening due to the virus but just as much talk was centered around encouragement and hope for each other. Your audience needs to see that too right now.


Finally, Lauren shared some great tips on creating social media content here. It is a great read! She wrote about choosing your platform here and scheduling your posts here. 


15 Ideas for Social Media Content


These ideas will get you through two weeks if you are a daily poster and even longer if you plan to share 2-3 posts a week. Be sure to note any other inspirations you have when composing your posts. New things always come to mind!


  1. Share what makes your business different from the rest.
  2. Share why you created a product or chose to provide a certain service for your customers.
  3. Share some behind-the-scenes photos of your business. 
  4. Share some ways you keep your business organized.
  5. Share the #1 question you get from your customers and answer it. 
  6. Share a problem someone may have and how your product or service is the solution. 
  7. Share a hack that has made your life easier.
  8. Share the creation of something in your business. (a product, rebrand, website, renovation)
  9. Share a month in review of what’s been happening with your business or organization. 
  10. Talk about your favorite product/service/mission that you provide and why. 
  11. Find a blog or news article that is relevant to your business and share it. 
  12. Ask your customers to sign up for your email list. Don’t have one yet? Start one today. (Here are some tips.)
  13. Share what you wanted to be when you were little and what you actually do now. Explain why you love it. 
  14. Do a “meet the team” series and let everyone put a face with a name. 
  15. Share the meaning behind your company name (or your origin story).


Hopefully, these ideas will get you started. And always, we stand here ready to help! Not only can we help create the content, but we can also build the images and schedule the posts at the right time. Contact us to get started! 

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