Whether you are an avid podcast fan, an occasional listener or you simply know what a podcast is…if you are a business owner or marketing decision-maker, it is worth your while to consider the 6 benefits of hosting a podcast for your business.

Before You Say No to Podcasting Consider the Following…

  • Statistics show that there could be over 100 million podcast listeners in the United State by 2024. 
  • Industries covered in podcasts cover everything! There is an audience for your business. 
  • 22% of podcast listeners tune in while driving. (Think how often you drive or commute! This is valuable marketing time for your audience!)
  • The majority of podcasts are 20-40 minutes long. Only 17% are less than 10 minutes. A 20-minute podcast is very doable and is probably much easier than you think!
  • You don’t have to spend a lot to create a great podcast. Brian explains this in detail in our blog How to Record a Professional Sounding Podcast on a Budget.
  • Don’t stress about content! Curating topics to discuss is not as difficult as you think! Scroll down to read 3 simple podcast content topics that can last you for years!
  • Podcasts can be shared once a month, twice a month or more. The important thing is to be consistent. 

Now that we have quieted a few of your concerns over hosting a podcast for your business, let’s dive into the 6 benefits of hosting a podcast. 

Brand Personalization

There is something about hearing a voice explain and teach a subject that resonates with many people. The same valuable content can be shared in a blog post and still not hit home like a podcast. A podcast can personalize your brand. Great branding brings your business to life, and podcasting takes that to another level. The nuances in your voice, the jokes shared, and the real-life explanations and examples allow your audience to get to know you on another level. Even though it is a one-sided conversation, it is still a human conversation and builds relationships. 

Strengthens Your Position as the Expert

We know you are an expert in your field. Your website, blogs, ads, and videography are all ways that you let your audience know that you are trustworthy and know what you are talking about. Podcasting reinforces this expertise but in a different way. 

When you host a podcast and cover the topics you know well, there is confidence exuded and it is noticed by your listeners. People can literally hear it in your voice. This builds trust and loyalty. This confidence and trustworthiness is conveyed in a different way via podcast than written text and can strengthen your position as the expert that you are. 

Educates your Potential Clients

The content you share on your podcast is valuable and educational. Many potential clients and customers will listen and learn. This education can help to close sales by directing customers to a certain podcast episode to reinforce what you have taught them. You may also find the onboarding process for new customers simplified because they have been listening to your podcast content and are familiar with your work! 

Expand Your Network 

Hosting a podcast for your business opens the doors to guests that can expand your network. Not only are you providing valuable guest insight within your industry but these guests will share their visit on your podcast with their audience also. This can greatly expand your network and podcast subscribers. 

Connect to Your Community

Podcasting is a great way to connect with your community. This is especially true if you have a brick-and-mortar store or multiple locations. You can highlight community events, have community leaders as your podcast guests, and discuss community happenings. 

In a broader community sense, podcast listeners subscribe and are alerted when your new episode is released. This means you and your business are brought to their mind more often. Combine this with the relationship you are building through your personal voice and content and you have the makings for a strong loyal community of followers. Hopefully, these followers turn into customers! 

Simple Content Creation

I know many feel that finding content for your podcast would be daunting but that is not true. Consider the following episode content ideas. They are all based on the content you already have or have experienced! 

Discuss Your Blog on Your Podcast

If you are blogging, discuss those blogs. You don’t have to go into deep detail but instead explain the content in your own words with a conversational touch. 

Answer Your FAQs but in a Conversational Tone

You could also consider the most frequently asked questions from your customers and tackle those on your podcast. People are asking those questions already- give them the answers! 

Highlight Success Stories or Problems Solved

Consider case studies to highlight on your podcast. People love to connect with real-life scenarios. It helps them to envision the same results for themselves. Share customer success stories and instances where you truly solved a problem for a customer. If you learned something new yourself in that instance or even made a mistake (but made it right of course) include those details. It humanizes your business and shows you are trustworthy. 

I hope you have seen the value a podcast could bring to your business. Our crew at Dogwood is passionate about helping you make the most of your marketing. If a podcast is in your goals, let us help! We can also help with getting the word out about your wonderful podcast and any other marketing needs. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Dogwood Media Solutions released our very own podcast at the start of this year. We would love for you to listen and subscribe!

Here are the subjects we have discussed so far: 

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